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USIDMS Ovaries

On approximately day 14 of the menstrual cycle, a surge of ______________ prompts ovulation Luteinizing hormone
Graafian follicles produce what hormone? Estrogen
What is the portion of the broad ligament that suspends the ovaries? Mesovarium
What is the scar tissue formed on the ovary by the corpus luteum? Corpus albicans
What is the functional layer of the ovary in which the follicles develop? Cortex
The ovaries obtain arterial blood from what two sources? Ovariam artery, uterine artery
The ovaries are lcated where in relation to the broad ligament? Posterior
What are the 3 layers of the ovary? Tunica albuginea(capsule), cortex, medulla
The endometrial secretory phase is linked wo which ovarian phase? Luteal phase
What stimulates growth and development of ovarian follicles that in turn produce estrogen (which stimulates endometrial growth)? FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone)
What is the term for imflammation of the ovaries? Oophoritis
What is the term used to describe the characteristic appearance of an endometrioma filled with old blood? Chocolate cyst
What results from the failure of the dominant follicle to release an ovum? Follicular cyst
Which ovary is more likely to torse? Right ovary is 3x more likely
What is the endocrine disorder in young women which results from too much LH and not enough FSH? PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease) / Stein Leventhal syndrome
List 3 classic signs of a dermoid / cystic teratoma "Dermoid mesh", "tip of the iceberg", "dermoid plug"
What is Meig's syndrome, and what is it commonly associated with? ascites and pleural effusion, commonly associated with ovarian fibroma
What is the German term for pain associated with ovulation? Mittelschmerz
What is the ovarian echotexture compared to normal myometrium? Hypoechoic
What are the 2 ovarian phases? Follicular and luteal
Created by: Stephtier