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USIDMS Embroyology/1st Trimester

A morula has how many cells? 16 cells
What is the membrane formed around a fertilized ovum to make it impermeable for other sperm? zona pellucida
Approximately how many days after conception does fertilization occur? 7-8 days
What is the first sonographic sign of pregnancy? Gestational sac
What are the 3 primary germ layers of the embryo? Mesoderm, ectoderm, endoderm
What is the absence of embyo/yolk sac in a gestational sac measuring 20-25 mm or greater? Blighted ovum / anembryonic gestation
Failure to identify a yolk sac when gestational sac has reached ___ mm is indicative of an abnormal gestation 12 mm
95% of ectopic pregnancies implant where? Fallopian tubes
What is the term for a twin pregnancy in which one gestational sac is in the uterine body (normal) and one is elsewhere (ectopic)? Heterotopic
Is beta hCG quantitative or qualitative? Quantitative
The primitive neural tube closes around which week? Week 6
The corpus luteum secretes which hormone to support pregnancy? Progesterone
The most accurate measurement of gestational age and pregnancy dationg from 6-12 weeks is CRL (crown rump length)
Upper limits of normal nuchal translucency is ___ mm 3 mm
Which lab value is a result of trophoblastic activity? hCG
The heart begins to beat around ____ weeks 5-6 weeks
A gestational sac should be seen transvaginally when beta hCG levels have reached ______ and transabdonimally when hCG levels have reached ______ 1000 (TV), 1800-2000 (TA)
Limb buds can be visualized sonographically around weeks ______ weeks 6-7
The musculoskeletal system is formed by which primary germ layer? Mesoderm
The midgut herniation should regress by week ___ 11
Created by: Stephtier