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USIDMS Female Genital Tract

What is the tapered area between the body of the uterus and cervix called? Isthmus
What are the two layers of the endometrium? Zona basalis and zona functionalis
How long is the vagina? 7-10 cm
What is the opening of the cervix in to the uterus? Internal os
What is the generic name for malformations of the female genital tract? Mullerian duct anomalies
What is a uterine malformation caused by exposure to the drug DES in utero? T-shaped uterus
What are the 3 endometrial phases? Menses, proliferative, and secretory
What is the trumpet shaped end segment of the fallopian tube? Infundibulum
In which portion of the fallopian tubes does fertilization usually take place? Ampulla
What is cessation of menstrual periods after having them before reffered to as? Secondary amenorrhea
A hypoechoic endometrium surrounding a midline echo ("triple layer sign"), with a measurement of 5-8 mm is indicative of what phase of the menstrual cycle? Proliferative
What is the sonographic appearance and measurement of the endometrium during the secretory phase? Hyperechoic endometrium, obscured midline, 8-18 mm
List the 4 segments of the fallopian tubes starting with the closest to the uterus Interstitial/intermural, isthmus, ampulla, infundibulum
Infection of the genital tract (usually associated with STDs) that causes inflammation PID (pelvic inflammatory disease)
Which ligament anchors the cervix and serves as the primary support for the uterus? Cardinal ligament
What is the name of the potential space between the uterus and the bladder? Anterior cul-de-sac / vesicouterine pouch
What are the 3 layers of the uterus? Endometrium, myometrium, perimetrium/serosa
List 4 positional variations of the uterus Anteverted, anteflexed, retroverted, and retroflexed
2 distinct endometrial cavities with one cervix and one vagina Bicornuate uterus
The most common cause of primary amenorrhea and hematometrocolpos Imperforate hymen
Created by: Stephtier