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USIDMS Kidney/Urinary Tract

How does aldosterone affect the kidneys? Causes salt and water to be reabsorbed, therefore, increases blood volume
What are 4 intrinsic causes of hydronephrosis? Kidney stone, pyelonephritis, stricture, inflammation
Hyperechoic renal pyramids are indicative of which pathology? Tubular necrosis
What is the most common malignant renal tumor? Renal Cell Carcinoma
Which grade of hydronephrosis is characterized by the parenchyma thinning and the entire urinary collecting system is dilated? Grade 4
How would a sonographer differentiate a parapelvic cyst from hydronephrosis? A cyst would not extend into the calyces when hydro would
What is the most common benign renal tumor? Angiomyolipoma
3 possible symptoms of renal cell carcinoma? Hematuria/ palpable mass/ flank pain
What are the main lab values for adrenal function? ACTH and cortisol
Adrenal carcinoma may cause what disease? Cushing's syndrome
How does nephrocalcinosis appear on ultrasound? Calcified renal pyramids
How does Cushing's syndrom appear on ultrasound? Solid, tumor located superior/ medial to kidney
What is the most common symptom of transitional cell carcinoma? Hematuria
Grade I hydronephrosis can mimick what pathology? Parapelvic cyst
What is pyelonephritis? Kidney infection
What occurs in grade II hydronephrosis? Fluid backs up from the pelvis to the major/minor calyces
What hormones does the adrenal medulla produce? Epinephrine and Norepinephrine
Decreased urinary creatinine clearance indicates what? Renal dysfunction
Which benign mass has a spoke-wheel pattern on ultrasound? Oncocytoma
Normal height of kidney? (AP) 2-3cm
Glomerular damage can be indicated by what symptom? Hematuria
What is the most common malignancy of adrenals in children? Neuroblastoma (Wilm's tumor)
Normal width of the kidney in transverse? 5-8cm
What is the Trigone area? Where the ureteral openings and urethra exit the bladder on the inferior portion
Another name of bladder infection? Cystitis
Normal length of kidney? 9-12cm
What is pus in the urine called? Pyuria
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