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Biology I Chapter 9 Pretest

All organisms need _______ to carry out all life processes energy
________ is the process by which plants use sunlight to make organic compounds from carbon dioxide and water. photosynthesis
Autotrophs make _________ compounds that serve as food for them and for almost all of the other organisms on Earth organic
______ is a process that takes place in autotrophs photosynthesis
_______ involves using energy to build organic molecules and breaking down organic molecules in which energy is stored metabolism
Photosynthesis coverts stable carbon dioxide molecules into _________, a less stable carbon compound glucose
Through the process of cellular respiration, cells make carbon in glucose into stable carbon dioxide and produce _________ energy
_____ is the portable form of energy "currency" inside cells ATP
In cells, chemical energy is gradually released in a series of chemical ______ that are assisted by enzymes reactions
The major light-absorbing pigment in plant photosynthesis is ______ chlorophyll
Plant cells use light energy to make ATP and _________ NADPH
Plants get electrons to replace the excited electrons that leave chlorophyll molecules by splitting _________ water
The final stage of photosynthesis during which sugar molecules are produced is light ____________ independent
The reactions that "fix" carbon dioxide are sometimes called _________ dark reactions
Most of the three-carbon sugars formed during the _______cycle are used to regenerate the five-carbon compound that began the cycle Calvin
______ concentration is one of the environmental factors that affect photosynthesis Carbon dioxide
Increasing light intensity increases the rate of photosynthesis only until all the ________ in chloroplasts are being used pigments
Glycolysis breaks down glucose into two _________ pyruvates
Glycolysis occurs during the ______ stage of cellular respiration first
Glycolysis is an ________ process anaerobic
During aerobic respiration, the breakdown of a molecule of glucose yields a net of up to ____ molecules of ATP 36
The first stage of aerobic respiration is a series of biochemical reactions called the ______cycle Krebs
Fermentation takes place in absence of ______ oxygen
Lactic acid fermentation is a _____ process anaerobic
Which of the following is the best explanation for the presence of both chloroplasts and mitochondria in plant cells? Sugars are produced in chloroplasts. These sugars can be stored and used by the mitochondria to produce ATP
How many carbon dioxide molecules are produced during the cellular respiration of two glucose molecules? twelve
At a hydrogen ion pump of the thylakoid membrane, energy from electrons is used to make ATP
ATP is composed of a nitrogenous base, a sugar, and three phosphate groups
The series of molecules that cause protons to build up on one side of a membrane is a(n) electron transport chain
eye pigments: sight :: chlorophyll : photosynthesis
Carbon dioxide is converted into organic compounds in the Calvin Cycle
When a phosphate group is removed from an ATP molecule a substantial amount of energy is released
ATP is called a cell's energy "currency" because ATP can be "made" in one place and "spent" or used in another
In aerobic respiration, a two-carbon molecule combines with a four-carbon molecule as part of the Krebs cycle
While one type of electron transport chain of photosynthesis is used to form molecules of ATP, a second electron transport chain is used to form molecules of NADPH
Water in an end product in the electron transport chain in aerobic respiration
The carbon cycle makes carbon compounds continuously available in an ecosystem and delivers chemical energy to organisms within the ecosystem
Organisms that are NOT autotrophs must consume other organisms to get energy
The major atmospheric by-product of photosynthesis is oxygen
photosynthesis : oxygen :: cellular respiration : carbon dioxide
Cellular respiration takes place in two stages: glycolysis, then aerobic respiration
When electrons of a chlorophyll molecule are raised to a higher energy level, they are transferred to an electron carrier
The space inside the inner membrane of a chloroplast is called the stroma
light energy : excite electrons :: ATP and NADPH : carbon dioxide fixation
Which of the following processes produces the most ATP? aerobic respiration
An enzyme that catalyzes the synthesis of ATP is ATP synthase
The source of oxygen produced during photosynthesis is water
chloroplasts : photosynthesis :: mitochondria : cellular respiration
Which of the following organisms do NOT carry out photosynthesis animals
When cells break down food molecules, energy is stored temporarily in ATP molecules
Hydrogen ion pumps found in the thylakoid membranes are directly responsible for providing the energy to produce ATP molecules
Which of the following is NOT part of cellular respiration Calvin cycle
Products of the light reactions of photosynthesis that are required by the dark reaction are ATP and NADPH
Which of the following statements about glucose is correct? Glucose is a less stable carbon compound that carbon dioxide is.
When glycolysis occurs, a molecule of glucose is split
Which of the following is not formed during the Krebs Cycle? NADPH
The total amount of ATP that a cell gains for each glucose molecule depends on the presence of oxygen
The process of cellular respiration breaks down food molecules to release stored energy
NADPH is important in photosynthesis because it provides high-energy electrons needed to store energy in organic molecules
In the second stage of aerobic respiration, what happens to the electrons that have been depleted of their energy during ATP production? They combine with oxygen and hydrogen ions to form water
Which of the following is NOT true about the dark reactions of photosynthesis? use water as an electron source
The energy used in the Calvin Cycle for the production of sugar molecules comes from ATP and NADPH
Which of the following enables plants to convert light energy to chemical energy? hydrogen ion pumps
Chlorophyll is green because it reflects green wavelengths of light
Because of photosynthesis, the atmosphere is rich in oxygen gas
What is the net gain of ATP molecules in glycolysis? 2
The final electron acceptor in aerobic respiratoin oxygen
The thylakoid membrane is folded in a way that produces flat, disc-like sacs called ________ thylakoids
Created by: Katielucas
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