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DMS333 - KP1


What are the 3 ligaments found in the liver? Falciform ligament, Ligamentum teres, & Ligamnentum venosum
What is the fissure found in the liver? Main lobar fissure
What are the names of the 4 lobes of the liver? Right, Left, Caudate, & Quadrate
What is effected with Hepatocellular Disease? Liver cells or hepatocytes
How is Hepatocellular Disease treated? With supportive measures & drugs
What causes Obstructive Disease? Bile excretion is blocked
How is Obstructive Disease treated? Surgically
Direct Bilirubin is caused by which disease? Both. Obstructive Disease or Hepatocellular Disease
Indirect Bilirubin is caused by which disease? Hepatocellular Disease
Elevated serum bilirubin causes what? Jaundice
The liver is suspended from the diaphragm and anterior abdominal wall by what? Falciform Ligament
The most common benign tumor of the liver is? Cavernous Hemangioma
Patients with hepatocellular carcinoma are likely to have had what? Cirrhosis
Elevation of alkaline phosphatase (ALP) is associated with what? Biliary obstruction
In what region of the body is the liver located? Right Hypochondrium
Which liver vessels have echogenic walls on ultrasound? Portal Veins
Which LFT is present in tissues with a high rate of metabolic activity, such as the heart and liver? AST/SGOT
Which LFT is specific for evaluating liver function? ALT/SGPT
What is Fatty Infiltration? An increase in the amount of lipids within the liver cells causing the liver to have difficulty metabolizing fat
Which liver cells carry out the most of the metabolic unctions of the liver? Hepatocytes
Created by: kmamick