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How is obstructed disease of the liver treated? surgically
What makes up the lobules of the liver? Hepatocytes and Kupffer cells
What are three things that can cause increased serum bilirubin? 1. Excessive amount of RBC destruction 2. Malfunction of liver cells 3. Blockage of bile ducts
What produces AFP? Liver and yolk sac of fetus
Is ALT specific to obstructive or hepatocellular liver disease? Hepatocellular
What is the function of Kupfer cells? To patrol the liver and dispose of any unwanted substances
What LFT is elevated in cases of hepatic carcinoma? AFP
How does a hemangioma appear on ultrasound? Solid appearance, hyperechoic, well defined margins
Which liver neoplasm is most common in women who use oral contraceptives? Liver Cell Adenoma
Chronic hepatitis predisposes a patient to which liver pathology? Hepatocellular carcinoma
How will a hepatic abcess appear on ultrasound? Heterogenous mass with dirty shadowing
What is the most common benign tumor of the liver? Cavernous Hemangioma
Hepatic veins are inter or intra lobar? Interlobar
The left portal vein, IVC, and ligamentum venosum are all related to which lobe of the liver? Caudate
A low BUN level may indicate what? Hepatocellular disease because cells cant function to convert ammonium
What are the three liver cells? Hepatocytes, biliary epithelial cells, and Kupfer cells
What is a normal length of the liver in a long plane? 13-17cm
How does the liver aid in fat digestion? Produces bile to emulsify fats.
Hepatocellular disease of the liver is associated with what form of bilirubin Indirect
If the liver tissure appears homogenous, but highly hyperechoic and attenuates sound what pathology can be assumed? Fatty liver
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