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Name 3 types of liver cells Hepatocytes, Biliary epithelial cells, Kupffer cells
Name the fissure that is bound between the left and right lobes of the liver and appears as a hyperechoic line that extends from the neck of the gallbladder to the portal vein. Main lobar fissure
The ligamentum teres can also be known as what? Round ligament
Which lobe is on the posterior-superior surface of the right lobe of the liver? Caudate lobe
2 segments of the right lobe of the liver anterior and posterior
2 segments of the left lobe of the liver medial and lateral
What protects and holds the liver together? Glisson's capsule
What separates the left lobe from the caudate lobe of the liver? Ligamentum venousum
The portal veins are considered _______, because they run into segments that are separated by hepatic veins. intrasegmental
4 physiological functions of the liver Metabolism, digestion, storage, and detoxification
The liver synthesizes proteins from what? amino acids
2 blood coagulation proteins Fibrinogen and Prothrombin
Protein catalysts used in metabolic processes are what? Enzymes
what is the byproduct of nitrogen metabolism? Ammonium
Ammonium is converted to ____ by the liver/ Urea
Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) is ______ with liver disease. low
what is the breakdown product of hemoglobin? Bilirubin
Elevated serum bilirubin causes what? Jaundice
Indirect bilirubin is conjugated or unconjugated? unconjugated
What is needed for liver to produce clotting factors? Vitamin K
Bile is made up of what? Water, bile salts, and bile pigments (bilirubin)
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