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True or false. Cirrhosis separates the tissue into lobules. true
The liver is protected by the ________ capsule. Glisson's
The right lobe should measure between _______ cm. 13-17
Which type of liver cells can engulf toxic substances and dispose of them? Kupffer cells
Which fissure separates the right and left lobes and appears hyperechoic on US? main lobar fissure
True or false. Riedel's lobe is a caudal projection of the left lobe. false; right lobe
Which vessel is the lateral border, or right side of the caudate lobe? IVC
What are the two segments of the left lobe? medial and lateral
The two segments of the right lobe are divided by what vein? right hepatic vein
True or false. Hepatocellular disease is when bile excretion is blocked. false; obstructive disease
_______ is a liver enzyme that is part of the clotting mechanism. prothrombin
Which type of diffuse liver disease is caused by problems metabolizing fats resulting in triglycerides being stored in the hepatocyts? fatty inflitrate
True or false. Hepatitis can be caused by a viral infection. true
An extrahepatic mass is located ________ of liver tissue. outside
An intrahepatic mass may cause a ________ shift of the IVC. posterior
What is the most common benign tumor of the liver? cavernous hemangioma
Which benign nodule of the liver usually has a central star appearance on US? focal nodular hyperplasia
What are the 3 names for the most common primary liver tumor? hepatocellular carcinoma, hepatoma, hepatocarcinoma
True or false. AFP levels will be increased with primary liver cancer. true
Increased serum bilirubin can be caused by: excessive amounts of RBC destruction, malfunction of liver cells, and/or __________? blockage of bile ducts
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