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Preclinic Final

Preclinic Final Exam

alveolar crest fibers apical to JE from alveolar crest to cementum resists intrusive forces
horizontal fibers cementum in middle of tooth to adjacent alveolar bone resists tipping
oblique fibers cementum obliquely to bone; withstands masticatory stress in vertical direction and unexpected forces largest and most significant fiber group
apical fibers root apex to base of tooth pocket, resists vertical forces
interradicular fibers cementum to bone on multi-rooted tooth; resists vertical and lateral forces
Transsaptal fibers extends inter proximately embedded in cementum of two adjacent teeth
cementum calcified connective tissue covers tooth from CEJ to apical foramen seals tubules in root dentin and provides attachment of PDL
lamina dura purpose support teeth, provide attachment for PDL
bone and junctional epithelium maintain what mm? 1.5
labiomental groove depression that separates the lower lip from chin
columella fleshy, external part of the nasal septum, between the nostrils
stensen's duct opening that leads to the parotid salivary gland located in the buccal mucosa in the area opposite the first or second molar
parotid papilla elevation of tissue surrounding stensen's duct in the buccal mucosa
sublingual fold fold of tissue in the floor of the mouth extending laterally from the lingual frenum
wharton's duct opening to the submandibular salivary gland located in the mucosa of the floor of the mouth just lateral to the lingual frenum
bartholin's duct small duct located on either side of wharton's duct which is one of several ducts which empty the sublingual salivary gland
salivary (sublingual) caruncle/papilla elevation of tissue surrounding wharton's duct
sublingual sulcus horseshoe shaped space in the anterior portion of the floor of the mouth in which the mobile portion of the tongue rests
sulcus terminalis slight V-shaped depression on the dorsum of the tongue along the junction of the middle and posterior thirds extending from the midline to the lateral border of the tongue located posterior to the circumvallate papillae
foramen cecum deep pit in the midline of the dorsal surface of the tongue located in the V portion of the sulcus terminals and posterior to the circumvallate papilla
circumvallate/vallate papilla large mushroom shaped papillae lying in a v-shaped row on the posterior third of the dorsum of the tongue
filiform papillae hairlike projections covering most of the anterior two thirds of the tongue
foliate papillae poorly developed papillae that appear as folds on posterior lateral border of the tongue
palatine rugae transverse ridges of fibrous tissue extending across the anterior portion of the hard palate
median palatine raphe a narrow ridge extending posteriorly along the midline of the palate from the incisive papilla
epinephrine is a what? vasopressor
Benadryl is what? antihistamine
diazepam or midazolam is what? anticonvulsant
what is albuderol? bronchodilator
Created by: Chobchi