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Nonliving things may possess ___ attributes of life Several
Science can only be used to ___, not to ___- describe, explain
Science cannot be used to establish ___ truth
The accurate and reliable results of scientific experiment are used to be ___ valid
Those who do not accept God's Word as truth have only ______________________ theory as their top level of truth.
The common thread throughout the world is ___, ____, and _____ Creation, fall, and redemption
Define Hypotheses an educated guess about the solution to a problem; helps define and direct an expirement
Define independent variable the variable in a controlled expirement that shows the effect of the treatment.
Define Dependent variable The variable that changes depending on the independent variable
How many times must an experiment be tested 5X
Knowledge that is used as a result of scientific activities is ____ applied knowledge
Define Biology the study of life.
Carbon backbones that are completely filled with _____ hydrogen produce satured fats
water is said to universal solvent
what 2 things can contrast the rate for a reaction and are not changed during the reaction Enzymes and catalyst
Guanine and cytosine will always pair together in RNA
what are very important to organic chemistry size and shape
what do the letters DNA represent Deoxydribonucliec acid
what 4 things affect Enzymes heat, pH, radiation, and chemicals
what is the energy needed to start a repetition Activation energy
functions of organic compound are Storage, Enzymatic, and structural
The 3 compounds of nucleotides (that make up DNA and RNA) are Sugars, bases, and phosphatic
give an example of diffusion is the aroma of food being made in the cafeteria
The process of forming messenger RNA from DNA Transcription: A=T, C=G, and A=U
The process whereby a DNA molecule duplicates itself and forms new DNA molecule Replication
Partially assembles ribosomes Nucleolus
Packages and ships items made in the cell Golgi Apperatus
Structural integrity; frame work of the cell Cytoskeleton
Controls all the activity of the cell nucleus
Proteins synthesis ribosomes
Can be rough or smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
who used the word cell to describe what he saw through his microscope Hook
a prokaryotic cell has non-membrane bound ___ nucleus
The process by which cells release wastes of secrete substances (protiens and hormones) through plasma membrane exocytosis
a solution that has a greater concentration outside the cell hypertonic
a solution that has the least concentration inside the cell hypotonic
the range at which an organism is not being productive only surviving tolerance range
the study of cells cytology
In the function of Nutrition there are two processes : digestion and absorption.
The prefix "hyper" means more than
Mitochondria produces energy
The abbreviation for dipoid 2n
Characteristics that make a person unique are called individual characteristics
Flemming discovered mitosis in 1882
Beneden discovered miosis in 1883
tetrads line up on the equatorial plane. Metaphase 1
Kinetochore fibers pull the tetrad apart Anaphase 1
Nucleur envelope re-forms; two dipoloid are formed Telephase 1
Tetrads form: crossing over occur prophase 1
Homologous chromosomes line up on the equatorial plane Metaphase 2
mitotic spindles re-form; Chromosomes are seperated into daughter chromosomes Anaphase 2
The complete genetic package of an organism is called a Genome
The particular site on a chromosome where a particular gene is located Locus
The condition in which both alleles in a cell are the same Homozygous
The physical expression of an organisms genes Phenotype
The specific genes that an organisms contains: its genetic makeup Genotype
The conduction in which both alleles in a cell are not the same Heterozygous
An alternate form of gene that occupies the same location homozygous chromosomes Allele
Chromes 1-22 are non gender-determining chromosomes autosomes
Mendals Concept 1.a chromosome is a unit characteristics 2. a concept of dominate and recessive 3. a concept of segregation
Biotechnology deals with the manipulation of living organisms of these 3 reason 1.Improving products 2.Enhancing plants and animals 3. generating microorganisms
God seperated the water on day 2
God created all the living things in space except earth on day 4
The _____ ______ states that man should be responsible stewards and hold honorable occupations and is located in____ Domain mandate, Genesis 1:26
The creation and reinvention of nature Biotechnology
Exact genetic duplication of a molecule, cell, and complete organism Clone
A frame of reference that a person uses to interpret and understand the world worldview
the manipulation of genes by methods other than normal reproductions Genetic engineering
Cells that have the ability to divide almost indefinitely and to differentiate into specialized cells Stem cells
efforts that attempt to improve to the human gene pool Eugonics
the genetic make-up of a specific population Gene pool
3 types of inheritance patters Incomplete dominance, codominance, mendels
Model an experiment or representation of how something works
Leaven Hooke The father of microscoping
Using a water molecule to break apart a large molecule Hydrolysis
four categories of organic compounds Carbohydrate, protein, lipids, and nudiec acid
A measure of the unusable energy that escapes when energy is being converted from one form to another; an increase in disorder and degeneration Entropy
The cell theory states that all cells come from preexisting cells that cells are the basic unit of living things, and that______ All the functions of living organisms are carried on by cells
Study the cell diagram 1-6
Mendel was known as Father of genetics
Four square punnet with all 4 inherited pattern
Who proposed the idea that all living organisms descended from a single life from a common ancestor Darwin
Three broad fields associated with biotechnology are cloning, genetic engineering, and stem cell technology
Biotechnology has 3 positive uses Gene therapy, DNA fingerprinting, and gene modification
an atom or group of atoms that has a positive or negative charge as a result of losing or gaining electrons ION
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