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Semester Review

1st semester review for semester exam

Magellan Sailor. 1st explorer to circumnavigate the globe, died duri9ng 1 of the stops
Columbus Sailor. Sailed the Ocean blue and found America thinking it was India.
De Gama Sailor. Sailed around the Southern tip of Africa
Cortes Concored the Indians
Cabot Italian Sailor who discovered many parts of North America.
Vespucci Explored the coast of South America Recieved credit for nameing the Americas
Starving Time in Jamestown A time when the settlers hadn't grown enough food after John Smith left with an injury.
Colombian Exchange the transportation of peopel in the colonies who exchanged letters on colonial affairs
Cash Crops Crops grown to sell (for money)
Indentured Servants Poeple who worked for someone to go to America and Live freely.
The 2 physical features that separate the USA from the world Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
Compass rose A cardinal direction item that tolls you where North is.
Scale A measuring item on maps to see the distance between two or mopre places(not accurate, but
Legend or key Tells us what each symbol symbolizes
Appalachian Mountains The mountains that were used as a border before the Mississippi River was a border.
Fundamental order of Connecticut It describes how the government should be set up in Connecticut
Mayflower Compact A document that helped "govern" the pilgrims.
Intolerable Acts Acts that couldn't be tolerated by the colonists, for they interfiered in their lives
William Bradford the Commander of the British Army who died in the French and Indian War
John Smith Founded Jamestown and made sure everyone worked there; Famous Quote: If you don't work, youj don't eat.
Representative Government Where the people get to vote on representatives so they can vote for everything else, so that we don't have to vote on everything.
Great Migration When Puritans moved to America.
Quartering Acrt An act passed by the Parliament; Colonists had to house soldiers
Stamp Act An act passed by the Parliament; all legal documents (newspapers, bills, etc.) had to be stamped to prove the tax was paid
Townshend Act An Act passed by the Parliament in 1767, that suspended NY's assembly and established taxes on goods brought into the British colonies.
Sugar act An act passed by the Parliament; colonists had to pay taxes on imported goods such as sugar, molasses, and other goods
Tea Act An act passed by the Parliament; a tax on tea
Navigation Act An act passed by the Parliament; all ships were taken to Britian so they could get all the goods they wanted, then the ships were sent off to other countries, then Britian got all the goods that were to be sent to America.
Founding of Pennsylvania Founded by William Penn for Religious rights
Founding of New York The Dutch founded New York.
Founding of Georgia James Oglethorpe founded Georgia to shelter those in debt.
Thomas Paine The encourager who wrote pamphlets
Enlightenment A movement that scientifically exploded minds. the teachings were focused mainly on Science.
Great Awakening A religous Movement that had many starting to doubt whether or not their actions were correctly done.
Proclamation of 1763 Why it upset the colonists so much An order which Britian prohibited its American colonists from settling west of Appalachian Mts.
Boston Massacre The shooting from British soldier's guns. 5 men were shot & killed including Crispus Attuks. Many were severely or just injured.
Boston Tea Party The throwing of 342 crates of tea (destroyed) into the Boston Harbor. (Men dressed like Indians)
Taxation without representation when one is taxed without representing their ideas
Key grievances against King George III the acts that were placed on the colonists in the declaration of indipendence
George Washington 1st president of the US; commander of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War
Benedict Arnold switched sides during the Revolutionary War
Nathaniel Green A spy under George Washington who was hung
Patrick Henry A famous sea captain who won one of the most famous sea battles of their time
Reasons why the Americans won the REvolutionary War(advantages) 1. George Washington as the Commander 2. Homeland
Advantages of the British in the Revolutionary War Best Army in the World
Battle of Lexington and Concord(and the Date) "Shot Heard Round the World" 1st battle of the Revolutionary War
Battle of Saratoga(and the date) turning point in the War
Battle of Yorktown(and the Date) Last battle of the Revolutionary War
Winter at Valley Forge(and the date) The Winter George Washington send the man stayed at Valley Forge without supplies, or a nice place to star from the Government
Treaty of Paris 1763 Ended the French and Indian War
Treaty of Paris 1783 Ended the Revolutionary War
Strategy An overall plan of a battle
Marquis dé Lafayette helped in the Revolutionary War
Baron vón Stuebon A major general under Washington during the Revolutionary War
Bernádo de Galvez The Spanish Governor of the Louisiana Territory
Northwest Ordianance How the area would be governed
Land Ordinance A document Explaining how the would be divided up.
Northwest Territory the area around the Ohio River Valley
Magna Carta King James was forced to sign it so the freemen and noblemen could have their rights
Alian and Sedition Acts Stated how the government should judge foreigners and how they should be treated
Thomas Jefferson Wrote the Constitution
James Madison Came up with the Virginia Plan
John Adams Virginia Plan, 2nd president
Federalism When power is shared between the Government and States
Constitution Convection(including the location) A meeting in Philedelphia, Pennsyvania.
Individual Rights Rights for the poeple that we need
Popular Soveriengty When the people have power
Republicanism A system of Government where the people vote on for the Representative Members
Seperation of Power The three branches of Government.
Minutemen Men that could be ready to fight in less then a minute
Loyalists Those who supported The King during the Revolutionary War
Writs of Assistance soldiers serched through colonist's homes
Presidental Cabinet The men/women the president appoints to aid him while he's making decisions
Federal Judiciary Plan Established the basic court system and how things would be run and people be tried
Hamilton's Financial Plan Three Parts: 1. paying off all war debts 2. raising Government revenues 3. creating a national bank
Tarrifs a tax on imported goods
Whiskey Rebellion A 1794 protest against the government's tax on Whiskey
Challanges Washington faced as President 1) What to do about the War between France and Britian 2)
Political Parties Groups with poeple of the same beliefs
Unalienable Rights Three: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Rights the Government can't take them from you.
State's Rights Rights that the States had that followed the Constitution
Requirments to vote in the USA You must be a citizen at least of 18 years old. You have to have an ID to prove you are you.
Magna Carta 1679
English Bill of Rights 1689
Jamestown established 1607
Plymouth established 1620
Starving Time in Jamestown 1610 - 1612
French and Indian War 1754 - 1763
Declaration of Independence 1776
Articles of Confederation Nov. 15, 1777
US Constitution Written 1776
What were the Key Crops and Economics for the various regions of the 13 Colonies Wheat, barley, oats, corn, indigo
What were strengths and weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation? Weaknesses: couldn't levy taxes, couldn't settle rebellions(Shay's Rebellion), and couldn't pay debts. Strengths: finished the Revolutionary War
Compare and Contrast the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan? Virginia plan and the New Jersey Plan bot had three branches in the Government: Legislative, Executive, and the Judicial Brnches. the NJ Plan had one house in the Legislative, and with 1 member per state. VA Plan had 2 houses in the legislative.
What was the 2/3 Compromise? A compromise that decided whether the slaves would be counted for taxes or population. Decision: slaves were counted for tax, not for population.
Key people and veiws of Federalists, and Antifederalists. Federaslists: supported the Government Antifederalists: didn't support the Government Patrick Henry
Key Aspects of the first 19 Amendments. They mainly cover women's rights, peoples rights, Federal Court rules and limitations, and punishments that can be given to criminals
Compare and contrast the challenges of the presidencies of Washington and Adams. Washington was the first president, and he had to decide what to do about the War between France and Britian. He had to decide how to "govern" citizens, he had to figure out many things. When he was done with 2 terms, life was easier for Adams
Created by: J0908155