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Latin 1 Vocabulary

Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1 Vocabulary

est is
pater,patris 3rd M father
mater,matris 3rd F mother
filius,filii 2nd M son
servus,servi 2nd M slave
coquus,coqui 2nd M cook
canis,cani 3rd M dog
tablinum,tablini 2nd N study
atrium,atri 2nd N atrium,reception hall
triclinium,triclinii 2nd N dining room
hortus,horti 2nd M garden
culina,culinae 1st F kitchen
via,viae 1st F street
scribit writes,is writing
sedet sits,is sitting
bibit drinks,is drinking
laborat works,is working
dormit sleeps,is sleeping
in in,into,onto,on
intrat enters
circumspectat looks around
cibus,cibi 2nd M food
mensa,mensae 1st F table
salit jumps
stat stands
stertit snores
latrat barks
surgit gets up,rises
iratus,irata,iratum angry
pestis,pestis 3rd F pest
furcifer,ferciferi 3rd M scoundrel!
clamat shouts,is shouting
exit goes out,exits
cubiculum,cubiculi 2nd N bedroom
Stage 2 Vocab.
mercator,mercatoris 3rd M merchant
amicus,amici 2nd M friend
visitat visits,is visiting
villa,villae 1st F house
salutat greets,is greeting
pecunia,pecuniae 1st F money
numerat is counting
argentarius,argentarii 2nd M banker
salve hello
respondet replies
quoque also,too
lectus,lecti(in lecto) 2nd M couch
recumbit reclines,is reclining
cantat sings,is singing
pavo,pavonis 3rd M peacock
coquit cooks,is cooking
laetus,laeta,laetum happy Adj.
audit hears
non not
cena,cenae 1st F dinner
exspectat is waiting for
vituperat curses
portat is carrying
vinum,vini 2nd N wine
gustat tastes
optimus,optima,optimum very good,excellent Adj.
laudat praises
dominus,domini 2nd M master
ancilla,ancillae 1st F slave-girl
suaviter sweetly
delectat pleases
mox soon
et and
videt sees
consumit eats
magnifice magnificently
cenat dines,eats dinner
spectat looks at,watches
laetissimus,laetissima,laetissimum very happy Adj.
paratus,parata,paratum ready Adj.
cibus,cibi 2nd M food
laudat praises
toga,togae 1st F toga
tunica,tunicae 1st F tunic
Stage 3 Vocab.
forum,fori 2nd N forum,marketplace
agit does,acts
negotium,negotii(negotium agit) 2nd N business; is doing business
ecce! look!
pictor,pictoris 3rd M painter,artist
ambulat is walking
tonsor,tonsoris barber
venalicius,venalicii 2nd M slave-dealer
venit(non venit) comes; does not come
ad to
ianua,ianuae 1st F door
pulsat knocks on/at
aperit opens
vocat calls
ducit leads
pictura,picturae 1st F picture
pingit paints
magnus,magna,magnum big,large Adj.
leo,leonis 3rd M lion
ferociter fiercely
petit heads for,attacks,seeks
fustis,fustis 3rd M club
tenet is holding
verberat is striking
fortis brave,strong Adj.
revenit returns
intente intently
taberna,tabernae 1st F shop,sore,inn
inguit says
occupatus busy Adj.
senex,senis 3rd M old man
sella,sellae 1st F chair
novacula,novaculae 1st F razor
barba,barbae 1st F beard
tondet is trimming
poeta,poetae 1st F poet
versum a verse,line
recitat recites
ridet smiles,laughs
sed but
scurrilis obscene,dirty Adj.
perterritus,perterrita,peterritum terrified Adj.
secat cuts
multus,multa,multum much;many
sanguis,sanguinis 3rd M blood
fluit flows
e,ex out of,from
portum(ad portum) harbor; to the harbor
navis,navis(navem Syrian) 3rd F ship
Syrian Syrian Adj.
prope(prope navem) near; near the ship
quaerit is searching for,is looking for
habet has
contentus satisfied
emit buys
bonus,bona,bonum good Adj.
pulchra beautiful Adj.
lingua,linguae(linguam Latinam) 1st F language(Latin language)
Latina,Latinus,Latinum Latin Adj.
discit is learning
docta,doctus,doctum skillful Adj.
satis enough Adj.
eheu! alas!, oh dear!
Stage 4 Vocab.
argentaria, argentariae 1st F banker's stall
Graecus,Graeca,Graecum Greek Adj.
probus,proba,probum honest Adj.
cur? why?
adest(non adest) is here; is not here
Graecia,Graeciae(in Graecia) 1st F Greece
tamen however
semper always
reddit(ego reddo) gives back; I give back
ego I
cera,cerae 1st F wax,wax tablet
anulus,anuli 2nd M ring
signum,signi 2nd N seal,sign
imprimit(ego imprimo) presses; I press
tradit hands over
capit takes
currit runs
basilica,basilicae 1st F law court
iudex judge
quis? who?
Pompeianus,Pompeiana,Pompeianum Pompeian Adj.
tu(quid tu agis?) you; what do you do?
urbs,urbis 3rd F city
cotidie every day
hodie today
debet owes
mendax liar Adj.
meus my,mine
testis witness
tuus your
accusat(tu accusas) accuse; you accuse
probat proves
res,rem problem,job,thing,truth,story,case
celat is hiding
ubi? where?
covincit(ego convinco) convicts; I convict
discedit,discessit departs,leaves
ebrius,ebria,ebrium drunk Adj.
ita vero yes
vendit sells
Stage 5 Vocab.
actor,actoris 3rd M actor
turba,turbae 1st F crowd
femina,feminae 1st F woman
puella,puellae 1st F girl
iuvenis young man
ostiosus at leisure
quietus,quieta,quietum quiet
theatrum,theatri 2nd N theater
contendit hurries
clamor,clamoris 3rd M shout,uproar
agricola,agricolae 1st M farmer
nauta,nautae 1st M sailor
pastor,pastoris 3rd M sheperds
de(de monte) down from; down from the mountain
mons mountain
per(per portam) through; through the gate
porta,portae 1st F gate
ruit rushes
nuntius,nuntii 2nd M messenger
dat gives,puts(when with fabulam)
fabula,fabulae(fabulam dat) 1st F play,story; is putting on a play
uxor,uxoris 3rd F wife
manet remains,stays
euge! hurrah!
semisomnus,semisomna,semisomnum half-asleep Adj.
puer,pueri 2nd M boy
facit makes
vexat annoys
dicit says
omnes all
columba,columbae(mea columba) 1st F dove;my dove
delicae(deliciae meae) darling; my darling
abest is out
spectator,spectatoris 3rd M spectator
tandem at last
scaena,scaenae 1st F stage
plaudit applauds
subito suddenly
funambulus,funambuli 2nd F tightrope walker
nemo no one
currit runs
Stage 6 Vocab.
maximus very large,very big,very great Adj.
erat was
pistor,pistoria 3rd M baker
panis,panis 3rd M bread
contentio argument
cum with
postulat demands
quod because
incitat urges on,encourages
postquam after
festinat hurries
superat overcomes
agitat chases,hunts
laete happily
libertus,liberti 2nd M freedman
invitat invites
valde very,very much
commotus moved,affected
paene almost,nearly
lacrimat cries
tum then
excitat wakes up,arouses
totus,tota,totum(totam rem) whole Adj.; the whole story
narrat tells
fur thief
post after
rogat asks
nunc now
olim once,some time ago
solus,sola,solum alone Adj.
aberat was absent
soror,sororis 3rd F sister
administrat manages,looks after
nisi except
infans baby,child 3rd
parvus,parva,parvum small Adj.
tacite quietly
pugna,pugnae 1st F fight
nihil nothing
vagit cries,wails
statim at once
necat kills
ita in this way
servat saves
liberat frees,sets free
igitur therefore
avarus,avari 2nd M mister
duo two
habitat,habitavit lives
pugnat fights
facile easily
fidelis faithful
custodit guards
ingens huge
serpens snake
iacet lies
timet is afraid,fears
celeriter quickly
numquam never
servat saves,looks after,protects
parat prepares
Stage 7 Vocab. mirabilis strange,marvelous Adj.
mittit sends
poculum,poculi 2nd N cup
haurit drains
nox,noctis 3rd F night
luna,lunae 1st F moon
plenus,plena,plenum full Adj.
lucet,luxit shines
silva,silvae 1st F woods,forest
centurio,centurionis 3rd M centurion
conspicit catches sight of
dixit said
deponit takes off
evanescit vanishes
lupus,lupi 2nd N wolf
apparet appears
ululate howls
caute cautiously
inspicit looks at,inspects,examines
lapideus,lapidea,lapideum made of stone Adj.
intelligit(rem intellexit) understands; understood the truth
ille that
versipellis,versipellis 3rd M werewolf
hospes,hospitis 3rd M guests
tacet is silent,is quiet
alius another
hercle! by Hercules!
mortuus,mortui 2nd M dead
primus,prima,primum first Adj.
gladiator,gladiatoris 3rd M gladiator
amphitheatrum,amphitheatri 2nd N amphitheater
secundus,secunda,secundum second Adj.
terruit frightened
gladium,gladii 2nd M sword
vibrabat was brandishing,was waving
arena,arenae 1st F arena
insanus,insana,insanum insane,crazy Adj.
homo,hominis 3rd M man
eum him
traxit(trahit) dragged
notissimus,notissima,notissimum very well-known Adj.
vivit is alive
umbra 1st F ghost
explicavit(explicat) explined
timide nervously
procedebant(procedit) was advancing,was proceeding
stella,stellae 1st F star
nullus,nulla,nullum(nullae stellae) no; no stars
caelum,caeli 2nd N sky
deserta,desertus,desertum deserted Adj.
feles cat
ruerunt(ruit) rushed
de vita desperabant were despairing of their lives
sollictus,sollicta,sollictum worried,anxious Adj.
animal,animalis 3rd N animal
ferox fierce,ferocious Adj.
posridie the next day
venit(venit) came
venatio,venationis 3rd F a hunt
aper boar
in monte Vseuvio on Mount Vesuvius
latet lies hidden
viderunt(videt) have seen
ceperunt(cepit) have captured,caught
venator,venatoris 3rd M hunter
fortissimus,fortissima,fortissimum very brave Adj.
fortasse perhaps
vivus,viva,vivum live,living Adj.
num(num Quintus....timet?) surely not; surely Quintus is not afraid?
venabulum,venabuli 2nd N hunting spear
longum,longa,longus long Adj.
cepit took
processerunt(procedit) proceeded,advanced
impetum attack,charge
emisit(emittit) threw,hurled
percussit(percutit) hit,struck
terra,terrae 1st F ground,land
decidit(decidit) fell down
fortiter bravely
processit(procedit) stepped forward
suum his
transfixit(transfigit) pierced,stabbed
pessimus,pessima,pessimum very bad Adj.
coxit cooked
pulcherrima,pulcherrimus,pulcherrimum very beautiful Adj.
fecit has done,made,did
stilus,stili 2nd M pen
in loco proprio in the right place
locus,loci 2nd M place
proprius,propria,proprium right,proper Adj.
vidit(videt) saw
crines hair
optime very well
componis(componit) arrange
stola,stolae 1st F dress
diligenter carefully
curas(curat) take care of
poculum wine-cup 2nd N
Stage 8 Vocabulary
senator Romanus Roman senator
magnifica,magnificus,magnificum magnificent adj.
Nuceria,Nuceriam Nuceria 1st F
Nucerinus,Nucerini the people of Nuceria 2nd M
inimicus,inimici enemy 2nd M
saepe often adv.
turbulenti rowdy,disorderly adj.
spectaculum,spectaculi spectacle 2nd N
splendidum,splendidus,splendida splendid adj.
edit,edidit presents
diem natalem birthday
celebrat,celebrabat celebrates
civis,cives citizen 3rd N
complet,complebant fills
nunitus,nunitii messenger,announcer 2nd M
nuntiat,nuntiabant announces
viginti twenty adj.
retiarius,retiarii retiarius, net-fighters 2nd M
murmillonis,murmillones murmillonis ,heavily armed guards 3rd M
bestiarius, bestiarii beast-fighter 2nd M
bestia,bestiae wild animal, beast 1st F
quam celerrime as quickly as possible
hi these
vehementer loudly, violently adv.
tacierunt fell silent
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