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LatinIV test 4

Sup notes and starred vocab for the fourth test in Latin IV.

divinus-a-um divine
palam openly
What was Nerva's full name? What do we call Marcus Cocceius Nerva in modern times?
What was Trajan's full name? What do we call Marcus Ulpius Traianus in modern times?
What was Hadrian's full name? What do we call Publius Aelius Hadrianus in modern times?
What was Antoninus Pius' full name? What do we call Titus Antoninus Pius in modern times?
What was Marcus Aurelius' full name? What do we call Marcus Annius Verus (commonly known as Marcus Aelius Aurelius Verus) in modern times?
How old was Nerva when he was made emperor? Who was made emperor when they were 66 years old?
Who made Nerva emperor? Which of the five good emperors was declared by the senate instead of being adopted by the previous emperor?
What was the name of the Forum, begun by Domitian, that Nerva finished? Who completed the Forum Transitorium?
The Forum Transitorium contained a temple to what deity? Which of the imperial fora held a temple to Minerva?
Whose ashes were the last to be placed in the Mausoleum of Augustus? Where were Nerva's ashes placed?
Who was the first emperor not born in Italy? What was significant about Trajan's place of birth?
Where was Trajan born? Who was the first emperor to be born in Hispania?
What was depicted on Trajan's column? Where was Trajan's 101-108 conquest of Dacia and Moesia memorialized?
Where were Trajan's ashes buried? Whose ashes were laid to rest beneath Trajan's column?
When was Trajan's column built? What great Roman memorial was built in A.D. 113?
Which of the imperial fora contained a temple, memorials, libraries, and a basilica? What were the main features of Trajan's forum?
Where were the Baths of Trajan built? What emperor built a bath complex on the Esquiline Hill?
What four provinces did Trajan add to the empire? Who added Arabia, Assyria, Armenia, and Mesopotamia to the empire?
What emperor built a forum in Athens below the acropolis? In what Greek city did Hadrian build his imperial forum?
What emperor built a great wall across the entirety of the width of Britania? Where did Hadrian build his great wall?
What emperor rebuilt Agrippa's pantheon after it had been destroyed by fire? What great Roman temple did Hadrian rebuild with an enormous dome?
What emperor built two mirror image temples dedicated to AMOR and ROMA to the east of the colloseum? What clever play on words did Hadrian base two temples off of?
What emperor built an enormous mausoleum for himself on the other side of the Tiber? What enormous structure, now called the Castel de St. Angelo, did Hadrian construct on the other side of the Tiber?
What emperor built a second wall across Britania, to the north of the first, out of sod? Where did Antoninus Pius build a second large wall?
What emperor deified and built a temple for his wife when she died in 140 A.D.? For whom did Antoninus Pius build a temple in the Forum Romanum?
What emperor was the first to rule in tandem with a co-ruler ? What was significant about Marcus Aurelius co-ruling with Lucius Verus?
What was the Column of Marcus Aurelius memorializing? What emperor led troops into Armenia, Parthia, and against the Marcomanni, Quadi, and Sarmathi?
Created by: whittlepat



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