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Pre-vocab AD 96-end

Pre-vocab review for the Five Good Emperors and Later Emperors in Latin IV

accedere + isse to move toward + accessisse
acerbus-a-um bitter
addere + isse to add + addidisse
adeo so much / to such an extent
adversum/s + acc against
aequus-a-um fair/equal
aetas, aetatis, F age
ager field
aliquis-a-od some
aliter otherwise
antiquus-a-um old
apud + acc near
aureus-a-um golden
casus misfortune, fall
clarus-a-um famous
classis fleet
colere tend
commovere (bellum) to start a war
conari to try
coniungere + um to join + coniunctum esse
cunctus-a-um all
dedere + um esse to dedicate, give to + deditum esse
deferre + um esse to hand down, turn over + delatum esse
diu for a long time
divus-a-um divine
doctus-a-um learned
duodecimus-a-um 12th
dgregius-a-um outstanding
etsi even if, although
extinguere + um esse put out, end, kill + extinctum
felix lucky
fere almost, nearly
fines, pl borders
forma shape
fulgere + isse shine, glow + fulsisse
fundere + isse to pour + fudisse
gerus, generis, N type, race, family
(res) gerere manage (things)
haud not at all
hostis enemy
idem the same
infinitus-a-um endless
ingens huge
insignis-e outstanding
instituere set up, establish
interficere + um esse to kill + interfectum esse
interior inner
intra + acc inside
inusitatus-a-um unaccustomed
invidere + dat envy
iudicare judge
ius, iuris, N legal right
litterae letters, literature
longe far
ludus game, spectacle
magis more
magnitudo size
manere + isse remain + mansisse
melior better
merere + isse + um esse to earn, to deserve, meruisse, meritum esse
milarium milestone
moderatus-a-um moderate
mora delay
mors death
natus-a-um born
ne lest x happens, so x doesn't (wouldn't, hadn't) happen (happened).
nisi except, unless, if not
nobilis-e noble, famous
nominare to name
nonus-a-um 9th
nonnulli-a-ae some
nuntiare to announce
obire to die
obtinere + isse obtain + obtinuisse
opus, operis, N (public) works
orbis circle, world
os, ossis, N bone
parere + dat + isse to obey + paruisse
perire to die, perish
pons bridge
praebere + isse to offer, give + praebuisse
praeter + acc except for, besides
praeterea also, furthermore
princeps leader, emperor
privatus private citizen
prodesse benefit
proelium battle
proflubium excess bleeding
quaerere to seek
reddere + isse to give back, to return + reddidisse
referre + um to carry back, return + relatum esse
resistere to resist
res militaris military matters
rogare leges pass a law
ruber-ra-rum red
saepe often
saevus wild, savage
scientia knowledge
semel on time, once
sententia opinion, sentence, judgment
sepelire + um esse to bury + sepultum esse
septuagesimus-a-um 70th
severus-a-um severe, strict
sexagesimus-a-um 60th
stella star
singuli-ae-a individual, 1 at a time
strangulare to strangle, strangulate
studere to be interested in
subitus-a-um sudden
tamen anyhow, nevertheless
tandem finally
tantus-a-um so grea, so much
thermae (public) baths
tradere to hand over, to give
tranquillus-a-um tranquil, calm
trans + acc across
transferre + isse transfer + transtulisse
tribuere to give
universi-ae-a all
usque ad all the way to
vastare to devastate, ruin
vehementer passionately
wenenum poison
venter stomach
vetus, veteris old
vicesimus-a-um 20th
vincere + um esse conquer, defeat + victum
vivere + isse to live + vixisse
vita life
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