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Commercial Lending

Asset-Based Lending A type of financing in which the banks analyze profit and loss statements, tax returns, and business plans to make lending decisions based on business income
Bridge Loans A particular form of short-term loan used to cover expenses until long-term financing is in place
Commercial Lending Lending to business enterprises
Debt Ratio The total obligations compared to total income
Debt Service Coverage Ratio This ratio provides a look at a company's overall position. It compares net operating income to the total cost of debt
Factoring A form of asset-based lending in which cash is advanced to a business in exchange for its receivables
Loan-to-Value Ratio A critical ratio in which the principal amount of the loan is divided by the value of the securing property
Manufacturers They build items to sell
Merchandisers They sell goods or services
Short-term Loans A loan that is for a year or less, mostly used for seasonal or cyclical business costs, such as increasing inventory or maintaining the business until predictable receivables arrive
Small Business Administration An organization that offers a number of financial, technical, and management programs to help businesses
Term Loans A loan that finances permanent working capital, equipment, real estate business expansion or acquisition of another business
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