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Intro Dent Final

Intro to Dentistry Final Exam

educational requirements for oral and maxilofacial radiology DDS or DMS 2 years residency training, MS or PhD
what is a dental hygienist not allowed to do in maxillofacial radiology? not licensed to prescribe (order) radiographs
who is the father of radiography? Wilhelm Conrad Rontegen 1895
who put little photographic paper inside the mouth to create the first intraoral radiographs? 1896 Konig
who is the dentist who had dental nurses and experimented with X-rays and got the time down to 1 minute Edmund Kells
who is the father of radiation safety? William Herbert Rollins
what is MRI not using X-ray exposure, using radio waves and a powerful magnetic bone is black, fat is white
what is the patient selection criteria? appropriate images selected based on the history, age and what you see clinically
what is ALARA? As Low as Reasonably Achievable
dental public health is the form of dental practice that what? serves the community as a patient rather than the individual
what are the essential dental public health activities? assessment, policy development, assurance
what is the community health treatment approach? community survey, analysis of survey, program planning, program operation, program funding, program appraisal
what is the individual health treatment approach? history and examination, diagnosis, treatment planning, treatment, payment, re-evaluation
is oral diagnosis a recognized specialty of the ADA? NO
the dental hygienist does not... diagnose a dental disease or ailment prescribe a treatment or a regimen prescribe, order or dispense medication perform any procedure that is irreversible
what is general supervision? have to work for a dentist in their office
what is direct supervision? dentist have to be in the office while you are working
what is a differential diagnosis? results in a list of possible daignoses in order of likelihood
what is a working diagnosis, presumptive diagnosis or clinical impression? most likely possibility for diagnoses
what is a definitive diagnosis or diagnosis? additional findings or tests necessary to limit to single disease
what does SOAP stand for? Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan
what are the primary senses used in methods of clinical examination visual, auscultation, smell, palpation
what are the simple instruments used in methods of clinic examination? percussion, probing
what is bilateral palpation? simultaneous manipulation of symmetrical structures muscles of mastication, temporomandibular joint, thyroid glands
what is bimanual palpation? application of pressure to a structure with one hand manipulating the tissue while the other hand supports the structures from the opposite side lymph nodes of the neck, floor of the mouth
what is bidigital palpation? application of opposing pressure with two fingers to achieve an effect similar to the bimanual palpation but with smaller structures two fingers, lips and cheek
tapping parallel to axis of the tooth detects what periapical inflammatory lesion
tapping perpendicular to axis of the tooth detects what periodontal support and mobility
who is the father of modern orthodontics? Edward Angle
what are the primary problems that contribute to malocclusion? hereditary, developmental causes of unknown origins, truma, physical agents, habits, disease, malnutrition
what is class I? mesiobuccal cusp of the maxillary first molar is situated in the mesiobuccal groove of the mandibular first molar cups of the maxillary canine is in the embrasure between the mandibular canine and first premolar
what is class II division I? mandibular molar is distal to the class I relationship disto-occlusion, excessive overjet
what is class II division II? mandibular molar is distal to the class i relationship do not have over jet, maxillary centrals are very upright strong angle of the mandible
what is class III? mandibular molar is more medial than class I relationship mesio-occlusion negative over jet or under bite
what is koch's postulate? causes act at times that are appropriate on tissues that are susceptible producing results
who is the father of dental hygiene? alfred fones teaches Irene Newman to be a hygienist
what is a class one according to black? pits and fissures of all teeth
what is a class II according to black? proximal surfaces of posterior teeth
what is a class III according to black? proximal surfaces of anterior teeth
what is a class IV according to black? proximal surfaces of anterior teeth which include the incisal angle
what is class V according to black? smooth surface caries in the gingival/cervical one third of the teeth on the facial and lingual surfaces
what is an inlay? fills the space in between the cusps, or rounded edges, at the center of the tooth's surface
what is an onlay? covers one or more cusps or the entire biting surface of the tooth
what is exodontia? wisdom teeth removal
define oral and maxillofacial surgery diagnosis and surgical treatment of congenital or acquired disease, dysfunctions, defects or injuries of the mouth, jaw, face neck and associated regions
define oral and maxillofacial pathology nature, identification and management of disease affecting the oral and maxilofacial regions
what does anemia look like in the oral cavity? papilla on tongue will flatten down and look bald and smooth
what does periodontics include? periodontal ligament, the bone of the alveolar process and the gums
Created by: Chobchi