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Chapter 7 Vocab.

Social Studies

bicameral t has two different parts or houses: the House of Lords and the House of Commons.
mercantilism nations sought to acquire more gold and silver and to control trade so that the mother country exported more goods than it imported.
imports goods brought into a country to sell.
smuggling brought in goods from other countries without paying any duties on the goods or recording the shipment with the customs officials.
duties taxes
French and Indian War name given to the war fought in America between Great Britain and France and their Indian allies.
frontier region just beyond or at the edge of a settled area.
strategy a detailed plan for using military forces or achieving a goal.
standing army one that is always ready to fight
tyranny oppressive and unjust use of power.
proclamation an official announcement, forbidding the colonists to move west of the Appalachian Mountains.
speculator one who invests in a risky venture, in this case western land, in the hope of making a large profit.
writs of assitance search warrants that allowed the army to search more than one place for smuggled goods.
direct tax a tax added onto the price of an item, and because it was specifically meant to raise money
indirect taxes were included in the price of the goods and used only to regulate trade.
repealed withdrawn
effigies dummies or other images of someone who is hated.
quarter provide room and board, for the British troops stationed in America. Several colonies, including New York and South Carolina, refused.
boycotted people refused to buy goods from merchants who violated the agreement
veto to refuse to approve it
monopoly one company or individual can sell something
loyalists supporters of the Crown
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