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Drama Words

Twelfth Night

theme lesson or moral in a story
comedy play that ends with happy marriages
tragedy play that ends with major characters dieing
history plays based on true stories of famous people of the past
poetic language lines of rhythm and figurative language
rhyme words that sound the same at the end of lines
meter pattern of stressed and unstressed rhyme
images when words bring up pictures in your mind
act 1 of 5 major parts of a play
scene parts of an act
stage platform where actors perform
pit where poor people stood to watch plays
gallery roof area where nobles sat to watch plays
dramatic irony when a character in a play does not know something the audience knows
aside short comment by a character meant to be heard only by the audience
monologue when a character says something in a long speech to the people on stage
dialogue characters talking to each other
soliloquy long speech by one person that only he or she can hear
lyrics words to a song
costumes what people wear on stage as status or time period
props objects characters need to move forward in action
lighting sets the mood and shows transitions in a play
scenery setting
surfeit filling or satisfying
naught nothing
abatement stopping
pestilence purified the air of everything infectious
brine salt water
elysium where the blessed go after death (Greek Mythology)
perchance perhaps; possibly
provident lucky
prattle gossip
abjured avoiding or staying away from
eunuch male soprano
excepted not included
prodigal spendthrift; wastes or spends too much
prudent careful; wise; practical
accost to approach
porquoi why (French)
discourse speech; conversation
prosper successful; grow wealthy
malignancy evil or bad influence
distemper disturb, manage
publish proclaim
cunning craftiness
thriftless useless;fruitless
recompense repayment
extravagency wasting
peevishly impulsive; annoyed; irritated
churlish rude; stingy; boredom
frailty weakness
dram tiniest bit
scruple doubt
obstacle something that blocks or gets in the way
incredulous unbelievable
sanctify to make holy
favor look alike to prefer if you please
impetuosity impulsive doing without thinking
venerable demanding respect
unsafe not safe
bounty treasure or generosity
scatheful harmful
adverse hostile
fulsome disgusting
unauspicious unfavorable
beguiled tricked
dissembling hypocritical
epistles letters
notorious famous in a bad way
Epiphany epiphany Epiphany- twelfth day of Christmas epiphany- sudden realization of something true
wordplay words that are used become the main subject of the work
allusion reference to something or someone else
pun form of word play that suggests two or more meanings
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