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MKTG 305

Chapter 18 - Advertising, Sales Promotion, and Public Relations

Advertising any paid form of nonpersonal communication about an organization, good, service, or idea by an identified sponsor
Consumer-Oriented Sales Promotions sales tools used to support a company's advertising and personal selling directed to ultimate consumers (also called consumer promotions)
Cooperative Advertising advertising programs by which a manufacturer pays a percentage of the retailer's local advertising expense for advertising the manufacturer's products
Cost Per Thousand (CPM) the cost of reaching 1000 individuals or households with the advertising message in a given medium (M is the Roman Numeral for 1000)
Frequency the average number of times a person in the target audience is exposed to a message or an advertisement
Full-Service Agency an advertising agency that provides the most complete range of services, including market research, media selection, copy development, artwork, and production
Gross Rating Points (GRPs) a reference number used by advertisers that is obtained by multiplying reach (expressed as a percentage of the total market) by frequency
Infomercials Program-length (30-minute) advertisements that take an educational approach to communication with potential customers
In-House Agencies consist of the company's own advertising staff, who may provide full services or a limited range of services
Institutional Advertisements advertisements designed to build goodwill or an image for an organization rather than promote a specific good or service
Limited-Service Agencies advertising agencies that specialize in one aspect of the advertising process, such as providing creative services to develop the advertising copy, buying previously unpurchased media space, or providing Internet services
Posttests tests conducted after an advertisement has been shown to the target audience to determine whether it accomplished its intended purpose
Pretests tests conducted before an advertisement is placed in any medium to determine whether it communicates the intended message or to select among alternative versions of the advertisement
Product Advertisements advertisements that focus on selling a good or service and which take three forms: (1) pioneering (or informational), (2) competitive (or persuasive), and (3) reminder
Product Placement a consumer sales promotion tool that uses a brand-name product in a movie, television show, video game, or a commercial for another product
Publicity Tools methods of obtaining nonpersonal presentation of an organization, good, or service without direct cost, such as news releases, news conferences, and public service announcements
Rating the percentage of households in a market that are tuned to a particular TV show or radio station
Reach the number of different people or households exposed to an advertisement
Trade-Oriented Sales Promotion sales tools used to support a company's advertising and personal selling directed to wholesalers, distributors, or retailers (also called trade promotions)
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