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LotF 2

Covert a covering or cover; concealed
Daunting intimidating
Impervious not permitting penetration of passage
Contemptuous disdain, scornful, disrespectful
Derisive mocking
Palled accomplice
Cynicism critical
Demonic demons or evil spirits
Corpulent fat
Parody imitation of the style of a writer
Phosphorescence light emitted without heat
Befouled to make dirty or pollute
Assimilating to cause to resemble; to take in and understand fully
Torrid hot
Woebegone sad or miserable in appearance
Writhe twisting or squirming
Exult to show or feel elation or jubilation
Propitiating to win or gain favor of
Unquenchable not able to satisfy
Charred to partially burn as to blacken the surface
Ludicrous foolish or ridiculous
Truculent eager or quick to argue
Ululation to howl or wail
Elephantine large, clumsy, awkward
Crepitating make a crackling sound
Cordon line or circle of people preventing access
Created by: swimmingninja42