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ACT vocabulary10

alacrity liveliness, willingness
ascertain confirm, determine
benevolent kind,characterized by goodwill
capitulate to surrender, to give in
covert secret, hidden
deter discourage,
diverge go in different directions, separate
ellipse oval
exacerbate to make worse, intensify
filibuster a delay, especially to prevent the passage of a law
guru expert, one who gives counsel or advice
homogeneous being the same
implicit understood, implied
inevitable unavoidable
lexicon dictionary, vocabulary
metamorphosis a mutation, transformation
nostalgia longing for the past, homesickness
pedestrian common, dull
prolific abundant, fruitful
quandary state of confusion
recluse hermit, one who has withdrawn form society
resiliant fleixble
sedative calming
tirade long angry speech
trifling insignificant
Created by: JasperACTprep