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wacky festivals

vocab about reading

Where do cockroach races take place? The take place in Brisbane, Australia.
What are the prizes? They are money and a gold cup.
What happen after the races? There is a big party with music and adancing.
What do people do during cheese races? They roll big pieces of cheese down a hill and try to catch them.
Do people win money? No, they don't. They win big pieces of cheese.
Are the cheese races fun but dangerous? Yes, they are.
What do musicians wear when they play underwater? They wear diving suits.
Do people eat underwater too. No they don't. They dance.
Where do real music come from? It comes from CDs on boats.
When did the first tomato fight start? It started in 1944 in Buñol.
Is it on the last Sunday in August? No, it isn't. It's on the last Wednesday in August.
Is the tomato fight in a park or in a square? It's in a square.
How many tomatoes do people use? They use 40 thousand kilos of tomatoes.
Whato do people do after the fight? They clean the square and have a shower.
Created by: Gabina