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Vocabulary WordDefinition
Advertising Public promotion of something such as a product, service, business, or event, to attract or increase interest in it.
Mass Media Channels of communication, such as television, radio, and newspapers.
Infomercial A 30-minute commercial
Direct-Mail advertising Ads sent by mail to people's homes and businesses.
Pop-up Ads Appear in a new browser window when you first log on to a Web site
Banner Ads Displayed across the top or bottom of the Web page.
Webcast Broadcast made on the Internet.
Media Planning Process of selecting advertising media and deciding the time and space in which the ads should appear.
Advertising Agency Business that specializes in developing ads and ad campaigns for its clients
Ad campaign A series of ad messages that share a single idea and theme.
Audience Number of homes or people exposed to an ad
Impression A single exposure to an advertising message
Cost Per thousand (CPM) Media cost of exposing 1000 readers or viewers to an advertising impression.
Prime Time Time period when the network TV is the largest between 7 pm and 11 pm.
Frequency Number of times an audience sees or hears an ad.
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