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Latin IV pre vocab3

Latin IV pre vocab, Petronius, Pliny, and Martial

acerbus-a-um bitter
acutus-a-um sharp
adeo so
alii...alii some...others
aliter otherwise
anima breath
Aquillo, Aquillonis, M. North wind
caedere + ____isse to cut + cecid-isse
calidus-a-um hot
cenare to dine / eat
circa about / approximately
coepisse to begin
comitari to accompany
complecti to hug
consulere to consult
cor, N heart
cursus, cursūs course
deridere to mock
dives, divitis rich
donare to give gifts
eligere to choose
emere + __um to buy + empt-um
esto BE!, so be it
expellere + __isse to expel, drive out + expul-isse
figere + __isse pierce, attach + fix-isse
formosus-a-um shapely, lovely
gustare to taste
harundo, harundinis, F shaft, arrow
induere + __um dress + indut-um
inferior lower, inferior
intueri to look at
iucundus-a-um pleasant
laedere + __um to injure, harm + laes-um
ludere to play
malo I prefer
maritus husband
matrona married woman
mavis you prefer
mirari to wonder at, to be amazed
mora to delay
novisse to know (how)
nubere + ___ case to wed + dative
nuper recently
occidere to kill
operire to cover
(ops), opes, F wealth
par equal
pecus, pectoris, N herd, livestock
pervenire to arrive
placere to please
precari to pray
properare to hurry
protinus immediately
quare why?
quidquid whatever
recumbere to lie back down
rogare to ask
sapere to be wise, to have taste
secedere to move away
somnus sleep
stringere + __isse to draw (a sword) + strinx-isse
tamquam like, as though
tangere + __isse to touch + teg-isse
sustollere + __isse to lift up + sustul-isse
traicere + __isse to cross, pierce + traiec-isse
ululare howl
uter-ra-rum which (of two)
vagari to wander
wehere + __um to carry + vect-um
videri to seem
Created by: whittlepat