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has the primary responsibility for coordinating the release of information to the media and the community; however, command personnel are directed to respond to requests for information when they can make a knowledgeable response The Public Information Unit (PI Unit)
speaking on behalf of the agency are expected to let the PIO know to whom they spoke and the content of that conversation. Approved personnel
Representatives of accredited news organizations will be allowed access into the DOC facilities for the purposes of reporting items of public interest upon approval of the Assistant Chief or higher authority
Media representatives will not photograph, film, or videotape: Any inmate in a facility without first obtaining a Media Waiver and Release (P-2. Any locking device or communications system; and 3. Any activity or person outside of the interview room,
the filming and photographing or videotaping of a group of inmates will be allowed if. the Chief or higher authority approves it and the media representive assured that the inmates faces will not be shown.
the media representive will be required to pay a minimum of how many hours? 2 hours per interview.
who does the media representive contacts if they want to interview an inmate? the security lieutenant.
after the media representive have contacted the lieutenant, the lieutenant will: contact the PI unit, ensure a request to interview inmate form is completed, verify the media identification and attach to form, notify the inmate
what information will the security lieutenant forward to the assistant chief for approval? Request for interview inmate form,copy of representive identification and the media waiver and release form.
Officers assigned to escort inmates to be interviewed will be. from the off duty available officers list.
inmates are allowed_______contact media interview every_______days. only 1, 7
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