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Bambara Vocab

Vocabulary words

I togo ye di? Whats your name
I jamu ye di? Whats your last name
I be bo min? Where are you from?
Here sira wa? everything okay through the night to the mornig?
Here sira. everything was good.
Here doron. goodness only
somogow ka kene? How is your family?
I be di? How are you doing?
N, Bambara fo doonin doron. I only speak a little Bambara.
n balimamuso my sister
n balimake my brother
ce Man
muso woman
farafin black person
faraje white person
Ne me
e/i You
ale he/her
anw we
aw you all
olu they all
ta/taw indicates possesiveness
I ni ce. Hello (any time), or thank you
I ka kene wa? how are you?
kene, tooro te Fine thank you.
basi te your welcome, no problem
awo yes
ayi no
n taara goodbye
n m'a faamu I dont understand
sisan now
kofe later
sooni soon
bi today
kunu yesterday
sini tomorrow
numanbolo left
kinibolo right
kaa fara numanbolo fe turn left
kaa fara kinibolo fe turn right
nge fe straight ahead
Created by: lovehaleemah