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BAMS 3rd QTR Cap

cap a head covering especially with a visor and no brim; the highest part; the top; an artificial crown fastened to a tooth
cape a sleeveless outer garment; a point of land or extension jutting out into the water as a peninsula or as a projecting point
caparison an ornamental covering for a horse
captain a military leader; the commander of a unit or a body of troops
capitulate to surrender
recapitulate to repeat the principal points; to summarize
capricious likely to change without reason ; impulsive, unpredictable, fickle
decapitate to cut off the head; to behead
cap-a-pie from head to foot; completely
capitalism an economic systems characterized by private orcorporate ownership of goods; free market
capital city housing the head of government; an uppercase letter; money or property; involving death; punishable by death
Capitol a building in Washington, D.C. where Congress
capacity an individual’s mental or physical ability; aptitude or skill; amount of room or space inside
capitol the building in which a state legislature meets
cap head
de separate or off
ism the practice of
Created by: BAMS