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FLIN 103

CB 5.2 Kosa Karta (Vocabulary)

kenapa? why?
kantor pos post office
kartu pos post card
kepada to
cepat-cepat very quickly
tutup closed
untunglah fortunately
masih still
buka open
pos udara normal mail
sampai arrive
semua all
permerintah government
singgah drop in/call in
sebentar a moment
lain other
biasanya usually
dibuka to be opened
tetap remain
ditutup to be closed
seramai as busy as
mari kita ke lets go to ..
kenapa mau why do you want to?
kita harus cepat-cepat well have to hurry
bisa saya bantu? can i help you?
kapan sampai di? when will it arrive in?
taman park
kolam renang swimming pool
dulu in the past/used to
membantu help
mengunjungi visit
sering often
pernahkah? have you ever
pernah ever
pintu door
baca read
luar outside
sebagai as
sebelum before
tunggu to wait
janji appointment
Created by: brandonwoodhouse