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BAMS 1st QTR Min

menu detailed list of foods served at a meal; any list or set of items, activities from which to choose
mince cut into very small pieces
miniature a representation or image of something on a small scale; a greatly reduced form or small copy
minimum the lowest amount or quantity possible or allowable
minor lesser/smaller in size or importance; not serious or important; under legal age of full responsibility, underage
minister person authorized to conduct religious worship; to give service, care, or aid to others
minority lesser part or smaller number of the whole; a smaller group opposed to the larger group
minstrel a musician, singer, or poet who serves by entertaining; one of a troupe of comedians
minuet a slow, stately dance marked by small steps
minuscule very small
minute small period of time; 1/60 of an hour, sixty seconds; extremely small; tiny
minuteman a member of the American citizen army at the time of the Revolution who volunteered to be ready for military service at a minute’s notice
diminish to make or cause to seem smaller or less; reduce in size, degree, or importance
administration the management of any office, building or organization; the act of dispensing especially formally
minutia precise or tiny details
min small
ure act or result of being
ity state, character, or condition
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