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BAMS 1st QTR Prim, Prin, Proto

prima donna The foremost woman soloist in an opera company; A temperamental, conceited person.
primary 1. First or highest in rank, quality, or importance; principal.
primate A omnivorous mammal characterized by refined development of the hands and feet, a shortened snout, and a large brain
primer The first book; the first layer of paint
primeval the first age or ages of the world
primitive primary or basic; earliest or original stage; little evolved; simplicity or crudity; unsophisticated, not modern
primogenitor The earliest ancestor.
prince A nonreigning male member of a royal family; the male
principal First, highest, or foremost in importance, rank, worth, or
principle An accepted rule of action or conduct; a primary truth, law, or assumption; idea or concept
protagonist The main character in a drama or other literary work; a
protocol The customs or regulations dealing with diplomatic formality and etiquette; A basic code of correct conduct or behavior; The plan for carrying out a scientific study or a patient’s treatment
protoplasm Substance that constitutes (makes up) the living matter of plant and animal cells and shows the essential life functions of a cell.
prim Precise or proper in behavior, stiffly neat; strait-laced;
principality A territory ruled by a prince or from which a prince derives
protein Fundamental or first components of all living cells; Plant or animal tissue rich in molecules and considerer a food source
prim first
proto first
prin first
ive having the quality of
ary relating to, connecting with
Created by: BAMS