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BAMS 1st QTR Uni & Mono

unison speaking the same words or doing the same actions simultaneously by two or more people; sounding as one loud voice.
monastery a religious house where one goes to be in seclusion, away from the world.
monks members of a men's religious order who live in monasteries and have withdrawn from the
monologue a long speech made by one person, including dramatic entertainment or comedic solo; also includes any composition in which a single person speaks alone
monotone a series of sounds or words uttered in one voice; sameness of color
universe the galaxies and the contents of intergalactic space (known and supposed), regarded as one
uniform a distinctive outfit used to identify those who wear it as a member of a group; identical or consistent from one example toanother; without variation
monocle an eyeglass for one eye.
monarch one who reigns over a country or territory.
union the act of combining separate items into one; a group of states or nations united into one political body; an organization of workers
monogamous having one spouse.
monopoly control of a production and sales of a product by one company; exclusive possession or control of something
unique one of a kind, without equal
monolith something, such as a column or monument, made from one large block of stone.
monogram a design composed of one or more letters, typically the initials of a name, used as an identifying mark.
monophobic abnormal fear of being alone
uni one
mono one
ery a place for
logue a specific kind of speaking or writing
pro projecting forward
epi after
Created by: BAMS