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BAMS 1st QTR Bi Di Du

bicentennial having to do with a period of 200 years or a
biceps the large muscle in the front part of the upper arm which bends the forearm
bicuspid a double-pointed premolar tooth that tears and
bicycle a lightweight vehicle consisting of a metal frame with two wheels, one behind the other, a handlebar for steering, a seat for the rider, and pedals propelled by pressure of the feet
bifocal having two focuses; lenses having two sections of different focal lengths, the upper for distant vision, the lower for near vision
bigamy the practice or condition of having two wives or two husbands at the same time
bilingual able to speak another language as well or almost as well as one’s own; containing or written in two languages
binoculars for both eyes at once; a double telescope joined as a unit for use with both eyes simultaneously such as field glasses and opera glasses
biped animal having two feet
dialogue conversation between two or more persons; conversation in a play, novel, or story; airing of views; discussion
dissect cut apart in order to examine or study the structure; criticize in detail, analyze
duel a formal fight between two persons armed with pistols or swords; any fight or contest between two opponents
duet a piece of music for two voices or instruments
duplex a house built to accommodate two families or an apartment on two floors; having two parts; double, twofold
duplicate one of two things exactly the same or alike; to make an exact copy or to repeat exactly
duplicity secretly acting in one way and openly acting in
bi two
di two
du two
cycle circle or wheel
ocular of the eyes
ist one that produces or is connected with a specified thing
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