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BAMS 1st QTR Number Roots

centenarian person who is 100 years old or more
century period of 100 years; a body of soldiers in the ancient Roman
decade period of 10 years
decalogue any set of ten rules or commandments
decimal a fraction of a whole
Pentagon a five-sided building that is the headquarters of the Dpt of Defense
pentagon a plane figure having five sides and five angles
quadrilateral having four sides and four angles
quadragenarian a person who is of 40 years of age or between the ages of 40 and 50
quart unit of capacity for liquids, equal to one-fourth of a gallon
quarter one of four equal parts into which a things is divided; a copper and nickel coin worth 25 cents
quintuplet one of five offspring born at the same time of the same mother
quintessence the purest form of some quality, the most perfect example
triangle a plane figure having three sides and angles; musical instrument made of steel, open at one corner and is struck with a metal rod
triathlon an athletic contest combing a lengthy swim, bicycle ride, and run
tricycle a small, light vehicle having three wheels, one in front and one on
trio group of three singers or players performing together
trident a three pronged spear
trilogy a group of three plays, operas, novels, etc., which together form a related series, although each is complete in itself
tri three
quad four
quint five
pent five
dec ten
cent one hundred
athlon a prize
ian one belonging to
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