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Week 2

Axial Osteology- Vertebrae & Ribs

Bone Classification Long Bones Short Bones Sesamoid
Long Bones i.e. humerus -tubular
Short Bones -cuboidal i.e. carpal and tarsals
Sesamoid i.e. pisiform, patella -bones that form within tendons and muscles
Diaphysis shaft
Epiphysis end of the long bone
Metaphysis flared region btw diaphysis and epiphysis -where muscles attach
2 Patterns of Long bones Spongy Bone Compact Bone
What makes up the axial skeleton head, vertebral column, ribs and sternum
Spine is made up of... 7 cervical 12 thorasic 5 lumbar sacrum coccyx
Before osification, what are the segments? 7 cervical 12 thoracic 5 lumbar 5 sacrum 4 coccyx `
What do thoracic vertebrae have that the rest do not? Traverse Costal Facet
What are the typical thoracic vertebrae? T2-T8
What are the atypical thoracic vertabrae? T1, T9-T12
What are the atypical cervical vertebrae? C1 and C2
Lips of Lushka are also know as ... And appear on what vertabrae? Unicinate Process Cervical
What is the facet on C1 that articulates with the dens of C2? Fovea Dentis
How many ribs are there? 12
What vertebrae do all ribs connect to? Thoracic
What are the numbers for true ribs, and why are they called true ribs? 1-7 They attach directly to the sternum
What are the numbers of the false ribs? 8-10
What numbers are the floating ribs? 11 & 12
What are the typical ribs? 3-9
Atypical rib number? 1,2,10-12
What are the features of a typical rib? Head, two facets and a crest Neck Shaft Tubercle
Rib 1 flat -scalene tubercle=has two grooves for the subclavian artery(posterior) and subclavian vein (anterior)
Rib 2 more angled -tuberosity for seratus anterior
Rib 10 No crest -full facet and articulating tubercle
Rib Articulations 2-8 head of rib rests snuggly btw inferior and superior costal demifacet of vertebral segment.
Which thoracic vertebrae have an inferior and superior demifacet? T1-T9
Which thoracic vertebrae has a transverse costal facet? T10
Which thoracic vertebrae have no transverse costal facet? T11 & T12
What are the three parts of the sternum? Manubrium Body Xiphoid Process
What connects the manubrium to the body? Manubriosternal joint Sternal Angle Angle of Louie
What does the depression of the diaphram due to pressure during inspiration? Lowers inarthrotic pressure
What is the "pump handle motion"? Sternum travels anteriorly during inspiration thus increasing A-P diameter
What is the "bucket handle motion"? Lateral diameter of thorax increases during inspiration
Scoliosis curvature of the spine
Dextroscoliosis convex curve to the right
Levoscoliosis convex curvate to the left
Three causes of Scoliosis. 1. Functional-muscle imbalance, trauma. 2. Idiopathic- adolescents, femals, worsens in growth spurts 3. Structural- osseus malformation (wedged vertebrae, leg length inequality)
Created by: swalters4