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Fascial Cont/Tens

WVSOM Class of 2012 Fascial Continuity and Tensegrity

Tensegrity structures consist of what two elements? continuous series of tension elements and discontinuous series of compression elemen
what is the basic shape of tensegrity structure? triangle
triangles in series for structural purposes are called what? truss system
what is a good everyday example of tensegrity? bicycle wheel
in the cytoskeleton, what fibers pull the cell membrane and internal constituents towards nucleus? microfilaments
in the cytoskeleton, what fibers oppose the inward pull of the microfilaments? ECM, microtubules
intermediate fibers serve as what in the cell? guy wires
mMicrotubules provide a mechanical channel along which the movement of particles proceed to do what?
what does wolf's law state? structure follows function
mechanical changes in ECM alter the organization of the cytoskeleton and induce what in the cells?
what do the bones and muscles compare to in the example of the bicycle wheel? bones are the rim, muscles are the spokes
transmission of tension through tissue tensegrity matrix can do what? acts as coupled harmonic oscillator
alterations of harmonics of cell are central to what two processes? differentiation and carcinogenesis
mechanical forces into fascia are transmitted where? throughout the entire organism
collodial substances behave in what two ways? as a fluid (sol) and a solid (gel)
fascia has what related properties? connectivity, neurocirculatory functions, immune function, and nociception
where are the transverse fascial diaphragms located? pPelvic diaphragm (L5-S1); thoracic diaphragm (T12-L1); thoracic inlet (1st rib-T1); suboccipital (AO, C1-2); and cranium (Tentorium Cerebelli)
what treatments should be applied first: longitudinal or transverse transverse
towards direct barrier is towards what?
towards indirect barrier is towards what?
Created by: mhassan