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OPP Lect 31

OPP Lect 31 Spirituality of OM

Spirit "The breath of life": The animating or vital principle giving life to physical organisms. **Think Mind, Body, Spirit.
List the elements of Spirituality 1.Meaning and purpose to life. 2.Connection with others. 3.Spiritual Energy. 4.Transcendence
What effects can illness have on the meaning and purpose of life? 1.Can cause spiritual crisis. 2.Challenges our sense of self & the world. 3.Hightens our awarnes of personal limits. 4.If life threatening, may challenge our perspective on life & its meaning. 5.Prompt a spiritual journey. 6.Oppotunity to redifine.
Elements of Spirituality: Transcendence A profound/transforming experience. **Rising above a limiting, causing the person to feel part of a greater whole.
Elements of Spirituality: Connection with others Relationships are fundamental to our experience & contribute to personal resilience. **Illness affects this b/c it can seperate the patient (alienation, hopelessness, suffering).
Which element of spirituality is particullary important to Doctors Connection with others (Doctor-patient relationship).
Elements of Spirituality: Spiritual Energy as it relates to health, disease, and healing Bioenergetic field surrounding the mental & physical bodies: 1.HEALTH: uninterrupted flow of energies. 2.DIS-EASE: blockage of flow of energy at some level. 3.HEALING: restoration of harmony in energy field.
How did A.T. Still view spirituality? As a harmonious, resonant, inseperable part of body unity: Mind, matter, motion (triune)
According to A.T. Still, the physical body is our __________? Second Placenta.
Biogen Unity of the terrestrial life (motion & power) and the celestial bodies (knowledge/wisdom)
Could supporting a patient's spirituality enhance their coping and recovery from illness? YES
Do you need a healin? HELLLZZ YEA **Please watch 1:40-1:50 truly understand OMT cranial spiritual healin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBpwmPfOTvg
Should doctors prescribe religious activities? NO
What would be some spiritual issues a patient may express to their doctor 1.Unfairness. 2.Unworthiness. 3.Hopelessness. 4.Guilt. 5.Isolation, anger. 6.Vulnerability. 7.Abandonment. 8.Confusion.
Key ways to nurture your relationship with your patients 1.Be trustworthy. 2.Treat the patient as a person. 3.Be kind. 4.Maintain hope. 5.Listen non-judgmentally.
Is it necessary for the physician to share the patients religious/spiritual beliefs? NO!! **It IS important to understand and respect the patient's belief system.
P.C.Lobe.Letter What the fuck does that mean?
How should we meet our own spiritual needs? 1.Read inspirational literature (YAY). 2.Mediation. 3.Imagery. 4.Prayer. 5.Mindful exercise (yoga, ti chi).
Created by: WeeG