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The purpose of this order is to establish policy and procedure for the Department of Corrections to organize the inventory, storage, issue, distribution and handling of keys
the Key control order supports which of the sheriffi's office core values? Community Focused
Key control will include methods for ensuring that only authorized staff members control all locking devices and keys/locks are used effectively to ensure the safety and security of the facility.
If security keys are lost or duplicated it can cause. an escape or jeopardize the security of the facility, facility property, employees, visitors and/or inmates.
All keys not present in the area’s key box must be logged out to the member issued those items on the Supervisors Security/Sanitation Accountability Report (P-1616).
Operational keys passed on from one officer to the next will be logged in the column titled “Issued Key Ring.”
Emergency keys and safety equipment issued from the area’s key box will be logged in the “Comments” section with the time issued and time returned.
in areas not utilizing a Supervisors Security/Sanitation/Accountability Report (P-1616). what will be use? Logbooks
Each set of operational and emergency keys will have a metal tag attached for identification.
Contract personnel may be issued staff and/or operational keys as deemed necessary by the Division's Security Lieutenant.
The contract employee will be required to return all issued keys upon: 1. The completion of his tour of duty (operational keys only); 2. Being transferred from one facility to another; 3. Termination from the contract company; and/or 4. Receiving a direct order from a lieutenant or higher authority.
Any known incident of Unauthorized possession, alteration, marking, duplication, manufacture, or making impressions of keys by staff members will be reported in writing to the Assistant Chief
Staff members will not leave keys unattended at anytime while on duty.
Operational keys not in use will be kept in an approved secured location.
The Security Sergeant will maintain a list of locking mechanisms to include their locations, and the corresponding keys in his office
A duplicate set of keys and a copy of the list of locking mechanisms are located in the respective Watch Lieutenant’s office at the PDF & MCC.
Emergency sets of PDF and CTC keys are maintained at the Police Memorial Building (PMB) Security Office located at the Forsyth Street Entrance.
A duplicate set of CTC keys are located in the Intake Computer Room lock box
In the event the keys are needed during an emergency situation the Watch Lieutenant or his designee will notify the PMB Security Supervisor or Security officer in charge.
When the emergency has been resolved, the Watch Lieutenant will ensure that the keys are placed in the safe in Police Property Room until the glass in the emergency key container can be repaired and returned to service.
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