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juba arabic 1

unit 1

EnglishJuba Arabic
1 wahid
10 ashara
no la
yes ai/aiwa
hello (entering) salaam taki
hello (passing) ahlen
are you feeling well? ita kweys?
i am feeling well. ana kweys
how are you doing? keyf ita?
i am doing well ana tamaan
how much is this? de maa kam?
what is this? de sunuu?
what is that? dak sunuu?
i know ana arif
i don't know ana ma arif
i don't want ___ ana ma deru ___
i want ___ ana deru ___
how many do you want? ita deru kam?
give/bring me ___ jibu le ana ___
where are you going? ita gi rua wen?
i am going to ___ ana gi rua fi ___
is there ___ ? fi ___ ?
tea shai
coffee gawa
sugar sukar
onions basal
rice with beans rus maa jinjaaro
market suk
church keniisa
office maktab
i/me ana
to want deru
teach derisu
wash kasilu
do you want ___? ita deru ___?
malaria maleeriya
tree / trees shejara / shejaraat
child / children jena / iyaal
house / houses beyt / biyuut
the group of ___ nas-___
the man saw the child rajil ainu jena
the child saw the man jena ainu rajil
chocolate kau-kau
my / our ___ ___ tai / tana
your / your (pl.) ___ ___ taki / takum
his(her) / their ___ ___ to / toman
this is mine / this is yours de tai / de taki
water moya
soap sabuun
name isin
that ___ over there ___ hinaak de
this ___ over here ___ geriib de
good (s.)/(pl.) kweys / kweysiin
thing/things haja/hajaat
all the ___ kulu ___
box / boxes sanduug / sanduugat
key / keys muftaa / mufaati
time / times mara / maraat
bad (s.)/(pl.) bataal / bataliin
book / books kitaab/kutub
many ___ ___ ketiir
short (s.)/(pl.) guseer / guseriin
small (s.)/(pl.) sugeer / sugeriin
Created by: lianamaris



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