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Nativity- Spanish

review for the spanish final

lake lago
boat bote
to go for a ride pasear
mountains montanas
to ski esquiar
water ski esquiar en agua
snow ski esquiar en nieve
to explore explorer
jungle selva
museum museo
camera camara
to take sacar
souvenir los recuerdos
to take a picture sacar fotos
picture foto
the ocean el mar
cathedral la catedral
to sun tan tomar el sol
the ruins las ruinas
the waterfalls las cataratas
pyramid la piramide
to climb a pyramid subir la piramide
city la ciudad
country el pais
place of interest el lugar de interes
to rest descansar
I would like quisiera
to go ir
last (year, month, week) pasado,-a
nowhere ninguna parte
in order to para + inf.
la nieve snow
nieva it is snowing
el viento wind
hace viento it is windy
hace fresco it is cool out
hace mal tiempo it is bad weather
la lluvia rain
Llueve it is raining
el paraguas umbrella
el impermeable rain coat
boots las botas
suitcase la maleta
gloves los guantes
bini el gorro
coat el abrigo
scarf la bufanda
it is cold hace frio
sunscreen el bronceador
the sun el sol
el traje de bano swim suit
it is sunny hace sol
it is good weather hace buen tiempo
it is hot hace calor
sunglasses los anteojos de sol
to take llevar
to leave salir
to come back, to return regresar
to plan pensar
What's the weather like? ?Que tiempo hace?
My goodness! WOW! !Vaya!
Its a good thing that____ Menos mal que ____
What do you do when you have a verb after "para" you don't conjugate the verb
the bathroom el bano
trash basura
scuba dive bucear
where donde
who quien
how much cuanto
which cual
i would like me gustaria
world mundo
places lugares
pool pecina
para + inf. in order to, for + verb
bed room cuarto
living room la sala
laundry room lavanderia
sink lavadero
basement sotano
family room cuarto de tele
nook or kitchen table desayunador
bed cama
grass pasto
oval ovalado
rectangular rectangular
leather piel or cuero
level or floor piso
kitchen cocina
dining room comedor
garage garaje
car coche
to dust sacudir
to wash sacudir
to put poner
to pass pasar
to do/make hacer
to clean up arreglar
to pick up recoger
to clean limpiar
to cut cortar
to clear quitar
to live vivir
to have to tener que
apartment apartamento
near cerca (de)
far lejos (de)
chore quehacer
else mas
rather, quite bastante
our nuestro(a)
second segundo
first primer
to vacuum pasar la aspiradora
third floor tecer piso
furniture muebles
stove estufa
refrigerator refregerador
chair silla
table mesa
poster poster
desk escritorio
door puerta
clean limpio
dirty sucio
square cuadrado
circle redondo
couch sofa
video cassette player videocasetera
lamp lampara
mirror espejo
dresser comoda
picture cuadro
stereo equipo de sonido
old antiguo
modern moderno
wood madera
metal metal
armchair sillon
thing cosa
comfortable comodo (a)
to be right (wrong) (no) tener razon
to (dis)agree (no) estar de acuerdo
uncomfortable incomodo (a)
closet closet or guardarropa
buro dresser
carpet alfombra
curtains cortinas
air conditioning el qire acondicionado
stairway escalera
hallway pasillo
garden, yard jardin
patio patio
to babysit ciudar ninos
to feed the dog dar de comer al perro
sentence horacillon
body cuerpo
back espalda
leg pierna
finger dedo
hand mano
foot pie
stomach estomago
arm brazo
necki cuello
head cabeza
eye ojo
inner part of ear oido
nose nariz
mouth boca
outer part of ear oreja
throat garganta
to sleep dormir
to exercise hacer ejercicio
doctor medico (a) or doctor (a)
Ouch Ay
I feel well/ ill me siento bien/mal
What's the matter Que te pasa
to hurt, to ache doler
Where does it hurt que te duele
my ___ hurts Me duele(n) ___
nothing hurts me no me duele
right derecha
left izquierdo
how long has your head hurt cuanto tiempo hace que te duele la cabeza
hace una hora que me duele la cabeza my head has hurt for an hour
should deber
stay quedar
to call llamar
ache, pain dolor
knee rodilla
shoulders nombres
elbow codos
tummy panza
belly button ombligo
nails unas
face cara
teeth dientes
to feel sentir
wrist muneca
I have a head ache tengo dolor de cabeza
my head hurts me duele la cabeza
hair pelo
chest pecho
to break romper
to hurt (something) lastimarse
strait derecho
I am cold Tengo frio
I am hot Tengo calor
I have a cold Tengo un resfriado
to have seepiness Tener sueno
nurse's office la enfermeria
I have the flu Tengo gripe
I have a fever Tengo fiebre
dentist dentista
hospital hospital
What's wrong Que tienes
better mejor
worse peor
to take tomar
now ahora
still todavia
no longer, not anymore ya no
something algo
bless you salud
health salud
I am very cold Tengo mucho frio
to be tired estar cansada
to rest descansar
enough ya
this second ahorita
there is/are hay
to take/drink tomar
to send mandar
to take a walk ir a pasear
to return devolver
to take out sacar
bookstore libreria
stamp (sticker) timbre
stamp sello
postcard tarjeta postal
supermarket supermercado
groceries comestibles
money dinero
deposit depositar
bank banco
letter carta
pharmacy farmacia
soap jabon
tablets las pastillas
shampoo champu
toothpaste pasta dentifica
gift regalo
shop (store) tienda
library biblioteca
book libro
to open abrir
to close cerrar
to arrive, to get llegar
to mail enviar
to see ver
game, match partido
last night anoche
afterward, lateer, then luego
early temprano
late tarde
if, whether si
who quien
why porque
street calle
avenue avenida
restaurnet restaurante
plaza, square plaza
hotel hotel
gas station estacion de servicio
gas station gaso lineria
taxi taxi
mosque mezquita
corner esquina
threatre teatro
train tren
synogague sinagoga
monument monumento
bicycle bicicleta
church iglesia
block cuadra
zoo zoologico
stadium estadio
subway metro
bus stop parada del autobus
bus camion/autobus
to work trabajar
is located queda
next to, beside lado de
behind detras
facing, oppopsite, in front (of) enfrente (dd)
between, among entre
by vehicle en vehicle
ok, fine, all right bueno
I don't know no se
north norte
south sud
east este
west oeste
curb curba
turn dar vuelta
then, after despues
over there ahi
before antesde
there it is esta ahi
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