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Argylls PF 7 Banking

ATM Automated Teller Machine
Year Banking in America began 1791
A deposit in savings time deposit
A deposit in checking demand deposit
CD Certificate of Deposit
Types of Financial Services Savings, Payment, Borrowing, Financial Planning
Automatic deposit of net pay to an employee's account Direct Deposit
A cash card that allows you to withdraw money or pay for purchases from your account Debit card
PIN Personal Identification Number
FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
The year the FDIC started 1933
FDIC insures your account up to $100,000
SAIF Savings Association Insurance Fund
A for profit financial institution that offers a full range of financial services Commerical bank
These two financial institutions specialize in mortgage loans Savings and Loan Associations and Mutual Savings Banks
A nonprofit financial institution owned by members Credit Union
A place in a financial institution to store small valuables Safe-deposit box
Three non-deposit financial institutions Life Insurance Co., Investment Co., Finance Company
This company deals with mutual funds Investment Company
This financial company makes high-interest loans to people with poor credit ratings Finance Company
They make loans based on the value of a tangible possessions. Pawnshop
CCO Check Cashing Outlet
Lease items such as furniture Rent-to-Own Center
Credit Unions accounts are called this Share accounts
Three types of savings accounts Regular, CD's, Money Market,
The amount you would pay for a $100 Series EE Savings Bond $50
The date a bond reaches face value Maturity Date
Yield Rate of Return
The process where you earn interest upon interest Compounding
APY Annual Percentage Yield
How to evaluate savings plans.(7) Rate of Return, Inflation, Taxes, Liquidity, Safety, Restriction, Fees
Insurance for Credit Union accounts NCUA
An automatic loan made to an account if the balance does not cover the check Overdraft Protection
A checking account with two or more people Joint Account
The party who receives a check Payee
The person who writes a check Drawer
The financial institution a check is drawn on Drawee
A request to not cash a check stop payment order
An endorsement with just your name Blank
An endorsement which states "For Deposit Only" Restrictive
An endorement use to transfer a check which states "Pay to the order of" Special
Always write your checks in this Ink
Bringing your bank checking account into agreement with your bank statement Bank reconciliation
Created by: mgargylls