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Jazzeka Carter

Copyright Law

What types of works are protected by copyright? literary works musical works dramatic works pantomimes and choreographic works; pictorial, graphic motion pictures architectural works.
What are the qualifications to have a work protected by copyright? originality requirement works of authorship fixation automatic creation; and compilations.
How long does copyright last for? Copyright protection starts from the moment of creation of the work and continues until 70 years after the death of the author or artist.
Why should people register their work? By registering your copyright, you are making a public record of the fact you own the copyright and are putting people on notice that you are claiming copyright in the particular work.
How do people register a copyright? To apply for registration of your copyright, you will need to complete a short form that you can get from the Copyright Office. You can even get the form online, with instructions on how to complete it, from Copyright Office site.
What can the owner do if someone breaks the copyright of their work? The owner can take he or she to court
What is a trademark? How is it similar to a copyrighted piece of work? A trademark is a symbol or word or word . They are quite different: copyright protection exists to allow creators to ascribe value to their works, and is available for a limited time; trademark law exists to protect consumers from fraud, and protection is
Created by: queeeenj