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Which feature characterizes the organization of a centralized firm? b. tall
What is the main organizational characteristic of decentralized firms? b. flat
Which term covers grouping jobs into logical units? d. departmentalization
What is the process of designing specific jobs that need to be done and identifying the people who will perform them called? c. job specialization
What is the power to make the decisions necessary to complete a task called? a. authority
What are everyday social interactions among employees that transcend formal job and job interrelations called? b. informal organization
Which factor plays a key role in determining an organizations structure? e. mission and strategy
A snack food firm has one division for the US, one for Europe and another for Asia. How is this firm departmentalized? a. by geography
In tall organizations, which feature describes the span of control? a. narrow
After responsibility for a task is assigned, which of the following comes next? e. the granting of authority
Which of the following are the doers and producers in a company? d. line employees
Why do most businesses use organizational charts? To clarify structure and to show employees where they fit in the firm's operations
Which of the following is the ability of a product to satisfy a human want or need? b. utility
Which of the terms refers to a set of methods and technology used to produce a good or service? c. operations process
In which of the following is the customer part of the system during service deliver e. a high contact system
Which of the following is the amount of a product that a company can produce under normal working conditions? c. capacity
Which term refers to how well a product does what it's supposed to do e. performance
The sameness of product quality from unit to unit is referred to by which term? a. consistency
Which type of system is designed for smooth production flow to avoid inefficiencies, eliminate unnecessary inventories and continuously improve production processes? a. lean system
Which of the following refers to the receiving, storing, handling and counting of all raw materials, partly finished goods and finished goods? a. inventory control
What name is given to the process by which a company analysizes another company's product to identify desirable improvements in it's own product? e. competitive product analysis
Which of the following is another term for the supply chain? e. the value chain
Which term describes the services which cannot be produced ahead of time? a. unstorable
Differentiate between high and low contact processes. Give an example of each. In high contact systems the customer must be part of the system like taking a bus. Low contact is the exact opposite like receiving and sending mail.
Behaviors that detract from instead of contribute too organizational performance are known as what? c. counterproductive
When does turnover occur? b. when people quit their jobs
Which of these is one of the big 5 personality traits? e. openess
Which of the following aspects of the psychological contract is provided by the employee? d. skills
Because job performance is less likely, which of the following are some companies offering in order to keep the psychological contract in balance? e. flexible scheduling
What is the term for the extent to which a person's contributions and the organization's inducements match? c. person job fit
Eight months after her hire, Brooke's supervisor retired. Which aspect of the psychological contract might Brooke feel has been violated? e. career opportunities
What is the Hawthorne Effect? e. the conclusion that workers are more productive if management pays attention to them
According to Mazlow's Model, a set of needs will be a motivator until which of the following occurs? d. the needs are satisfied
Which of the following lists Mazlow's Hierarchy of human needs in order starting with the most basic d. psychological, security, social, esteem, self actualization
Which is an example of a modified work schedule? a. job sharing
How can managers minimize the chance of work place violence? Always treat people with respect, dignity, fairness and honesty.
What area was the earliest research on leadership most concerned with? a. leadership traits
Which of the following best decribes employee focused leader behavior? a. concentration on both satisfaction and the well being of employees
Which of the following describes one of the primary concerns associated with a charismatic leadership due to severe devotion to a particular leader? c. the potential lapse of ethical practice
Which of the following organizational aspects allows employees to perform capably without the direction of a leader? e. leadership substitutes
Which of the following types of leaders has the primary role of helping a less experienced person learn how to function and to advance within an organization? a. mentor
Which is the most accurate statement regarding one of the main differences between the Japanese and American cultures? d. overall Japanese culture is often characterized as collectivist, whereas American culture is characterized as individualist
Recent corporate scandals at firms like Enron have brought increased attention to what areas of leadership? a. ethical leadership
Anne bought stock in ABC Company in hopes of making a profit. Although the stock's price steadily continued to drop, she refused to sell her stock. What does this illustrate? c. escalation of commitment
Which of the following example of approach to leadership as seen through the eyes of followers? a. transformational leadership
Which of the following describes the activities most involved with transactional leadership? a. the implementation of routine activities
according to the current theories of gender roles  in leadership which of the following best describes the differences in decision making? e. males tend to be more autocratic than females in making decisions
What is the difference between leadership and management within an organization? Management focuses on activities such as planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Leadership focuses on agenda setting, aligning, inspiring and monitoring.
Which of the following outlines the duties of a job, it's working conditions and the tools, materials and equipment used to perform it? c. job description
Which of the following describes the skills, abilities, and qualifications required for a job? e. job specification
Which plan refers to compensation other than wages and salaries and other incentives offered by a firm to it's workers? e. benefits
Which of the following links salary increases to performance levels in non sales jobs? e. merit salary systems
What is the name given to a group of individuals working together to achieve shared job related goals such as higher pay, shorter working hours, greater benefits or better working conditions? a. labor union
What is the process of dealing with employees who are represented by a union? b. labor relations
which of the following occurs when union members agree not to buy the products of a targeted employer? b. boycott
which term describes the situation when workers perform jobs at a less efficient pace a. slow down
What occurs when a neutral thrid pary dictates a settlement between teo sides that have agreed to submit to outside judgement? a. arbitration
Which of the following types of training occurs while the employee  is at hir or her place of work? a. on the job training
Which term refers to a labor action in which employees temporarily walk off the job and refuse to work? e. strike
What is a protected class? A set on individuals by nature of one or more common characteristics is protected under law from descrimination on the basis of that characteristic.
What is the term for the process of creating communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and it's stakeholders? d. marketing
What is the term for intangible products such as time, expertise, or an activity that can be purchased? d. services
Which of the following identifies products that are dissimilair from those of competitors but can fufill the same need? d. substitute products
What is the term for a detailed strategy for focusing marketing efforts on consumer's needs and wants? d. marketing plan
what is the term that encompasses a good, a service, or an idea designed to fill the consumer need? d. product
What type of variables are lifestyles, opinions, interests, and attitudes refered to as? c. psychographic variables
What type of behavior do consumers exhibit by regularly purchasing products because they are satisfied with their performance? c. brand loyalty
What type of goods include raw materials and integrated circuits? b. industrial goods
What type of marketing is a loyality banking program an example of? e. relationship marketing
What part of the marketing mix includes communicating information about products b. promotion
Which is usually the first step in the marketing strategy? d. target markets
Describe the three types of competition faced by marketers. Substitute products, brand competition, and international competition.
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