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Per Fin Unit 2 Vocab

Aggressive Growth Stock Mutual Fund mutual fund that seeks to provide maximum long-term capital growth from stocks of primarily smaller companies or narrow market segments; dividend income is accidental; the most volatile fund; also referred to as a small-cap fund.
Annuity Contract sold by an insurance company, designed to provide payments to the holder at specified intervals, usually after retirement; the holder is taxed at the time of distribution or withdrawal, making this a tax-deferred arrangement.
Bond debt instrument where an issuer such as a corporation, municipality, or government agency owes you money; the issuer makes regular interest payments on the bond and promises to pay back or redeem the face value of the bond at the maturity date.
C.D. Certificate of deposit, usually at a bank; savings account with a slightly higher interest rate because of a longer savings commitment. (I.E. Six months, one year, etc.)
Commoditities Food, metal, or fixed physical substance that investors but or sell, usually via future contracts.
Diversification To spread around one's investment dollars among several different classes of financial assets and among the securities of many issuers; results in lowered risk.
Dividend Distribution of a portion of a company's earnings, decided by the board of directors, to a class of its shareholders; generally distributed in the form of cash or stock.
Fixed annuity type of annuity that guarantees a certain rate of return
futures a term used to designate all contracts covering the sale of financial instruments or physical commodities for future delivery on a commodity exchange.
Funds an amount of money that has been saved up or used for a particular purpose
Large-Cap Fund funds comprised of large, well-established companies.
Stock Exchange a market in which securities, a.k.a stocks, are bought and sold
Mid-Cap Fund Mutual funds containing a group of medium-sized companies that are growing.
Liquidity quality of an asset that permits it to be converted quickly into cash without loss of value; availability of money; when there is more liquidity, there is typically less return.
Money Market mutual fund that seeks to maintain a stable share price and to earn current income by investing in interest-bearing instruments with short-term (usually 90 days or less) maturities.
Records documents containing proof of a transaction
Investments account or arrangement in which one would put their money aside to increase wealth over time; should not be withdrawn for a suggested minimum of five years.
Risk degree of uncertainty of return on an asset; in business, the likelihood of loss or a lower profit.
International Stock Mutual Fund mutual fund that contains international or overseas companies
Risk Return Ration The comparison of the likelihood of success and the amount of risk
Savings Account accounts at financial institutions that allow regular deposits and withdrawals. The minimum required deposit, fees charged, and interest rates vary among providers.
share a piece of ownership in a company or mutual fund
Single Stocks A futures contract with an underlying of one particular stock, usually in batches of 100. No transmission of share rights or dividends occur.
Small-Cap fund mutual fund that invests in companies whose market values are less than $1 billion; largely consists of smaller, more volatile companies, also called an aggressive growth stock mutual fund.
Speculative purchasing risky investments that present the possibility of large profits, but also pose a higher-than-average possibility of loss.
Track Record the past history of something; with investments, look at the five to ten year record
Variable Annuity annuity that has a varying rate of return based on the mutual funds in which one has invested
Dow Jones Average a stock market index based upon how thirty companies trade during a standard session in the stock market
Standard and Poor 500 a stock market index based on 500 leading countries
New York Stock Exchange One of the United States' oldest and largest stock exchanges, based in New York City
American Stock Exchange A major US Stock Exchange, located in downtown Manhattan. Most of the companies are small or medium-sized.
Nasdaq a major US stock exchange; one of the largest electronic stock exchanges.
ratio the comparison of two quantities by division
Growth Stock Mutual Fund fund that buts stock in medium-sized companies that have experienced some growth and are still expanding; also called a mid-cap fund
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