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Stories 1-3

year of
happen found the
#mid west midwestern
suffer suffering
big (full five hands) huge amounts
water^rain rain
everyday daily
that which
cause contributed
water wide scale
people volunteers
house 2x homes
list - 3 and even
how by
but (frustrate x1) but
last (twist) end
what the
water flood flooding waters
water crash into face overcame the barriers
positive advantages
what is its
almost (like easy) virtually
all every
people citizen
can has
find access
list - 3 or
how by
f@nose short distance
house home
list (all three) the water
allow provides
variety myriad
water^for-for^need out of necessity
other^water^for-for^enjoy and others recreational
U-tap up (like weight) is fast
become becoming
US the nation's
pick choice
most especially
who among
have with
understand x2 understandable
why in view of the
compare relatively
> hand down low costs
money^solve out involved
cant unable
pay afford
expensive^vacation such luxuries
like as
list - 3 and
enter admissions
but for as little
pay as
everyday a day
area [camp] site
#rent rented
add and with
little small
money^buy investment
thing gear
awesome wonderful
outside vacation in the great outdoors
Created by: kaitlynfaith