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Cements and Liners

Permanent Traditional Cements Zinc Phosphate, Duralon Cement (Polycarboxylate Cement), IRM Cement, and Glass Ionomer Cement
Zinc Phosphate a. mixed on a glass slab. b. mixed to a stringy consistency c. used for permanent crowns d. mixed slowly
Duralon Cement (Polycarboxylate Cement) a. mixed on a paper pad b. precise measurement c. fast mix d. used for permanent crowns
IRM Cement a. mixed to consistency- stiff for filling/creamy for cement b. mixed on a mixing pad c. sedative medicament-eugenol d. used for sedative fillings, temp fillings and crowns
Glass Ionomer Cement a. mixed on a mixing pad b. precise measurement c. mixed quickly d. used to cement permanent crowns
what is Eugenol? medicament made from clove oil
Modern Permanent Cements RMGI and All-Resin Cement
RMGI a. water insoluble b. mixed on a paper pad c. mixed precisely d. mixed quickly e used only on crowns, not used on veneers
All-Resin Cement a. has a variety of shades b. used for veneers
Temporary Cements Temp Bond Cement, Nogenol Cement, and IRM Cement
Temp Bond Cement a. mixed on a paper pad b. mixed in equal portions c. mixed quickly d. used on acrylic on resin provisional
Nogenol Cement a. mixed on a paper pad b. mixed in equal portions c. mixed quickly d. used on acrylic and resin provisional e. no eugenol
IRM Cement a. no longer used as permanent b. mixed consistency is creamy/stiff c. used to cement metal d. has eugenol medicant e. mixed slowly on mixing pad
Cavity Liners Dycal (Calcium Hydroxide), Copalite Varnish, Vitrebond
Dycal (Calcium Hydroxide) a. mix on mixing pad b. equal portions c. mixed quickly d. placed over pulpal floor e. directly/indirectly cap nerve to prevent post-op sensitivity f. cures itself
Copalite Varnish a. liquid applied to the prep walls b. used to seal dentin tubules to prevent sensitivity c. doesn't cap the nerve d. only used under amalgam fillings
Vitrebond a. mix on a mixing pad b. precisely mixed material c. mixed quickly d. light cured e used to directly of indirectly cap nerve
Cements that can also be used as Liners Zinc Phosphate, Duralon, IRM, and Glass Ionomer
Created by: Rufinina