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story 2,3 & 4

Spoken wordSigned Word
of year/for for
from why
the what?
midwestern m-I-d- West
and pointe to 3rd finder (CL)
huge amounts alot
daily everyday
which that
contributed cause
to their problem (CL) list
flooding water+rose
volunteers people
business (cl) point to 2nd finger business
and even (cl) point to 3rd finger
by how?
sandbagging s-a-n-d-b-a-g (mime)
the that/what
but frustrate (1 hand)
in the end fancy Last
overcame berries (cl) over head
the advantages of positive
living live
Michigan m-I-c-h
is its what?
virtually almost
with have/add
every all
citizens people
has can
access find
to a river water+ (cl)
stream water + (CL)
lake l-a-k-e
driving (CL) drive+ forward
a short distance F off nose
their your
the water (CL) list
provides street/way
for a myriad variety
of uses use
some(our of) some+water
necessity need
other other+water
recreational for -for enjoy
camping (CL)
is fast weight gain
the nations USA
choice pick
especially most
among who?
understandable understand x2
in view of why?
relatively compare
low low-amount
cost buy
involved solve-downward
are unable to cant
afford index finger flick out off flat hand
such expensive
luxuries vacation
as same
restaurants (Cl) #2 finger
paid admission to in
amusement park a-m-u-s-m-e-n-t p-a-r-k
for as little but paid
a day everyday
campsite tent+area
can be can
rented r-e-n-t
investment money+buy
small little
camping gear (CL) camp+ thing
many (can enjoy) many +families
in the great out doors outside x3
found happen
Created by: ericawashere



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