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SC Spanish 2

motivo motive / cause
prueba proof / trail / test
reunir gather / meet / collect
faltar me falta be lacking I lack / I need
acompa├▒ar accompany
dato data / fact
adelante forward / further
asunto matter / issue / affair
presencia presence / appearance
suyo his / hers / yours (pol) / theirs
construir construct / build
mandar send / order
carácter personality / nature
tras after / behind
autor writer / author
conocido known / well-known
asegurar assure / secure / insure / ensure / guarantee
serio serious
causa cause
grave serious / solemn
crecer grow / increase
surgir appear / spring forth
alrededor about / around / round
matar kill
entregar deliver
establecer establish
guardar save / keep
iniciar iniciate
notar notice
acto act / action
meter put into
pena trouble
valer la pena be of worth
actuar act
altura height / altitude
deseo desire / wish
precisamente precisely
pretender attempt
tarea task / job
apenas hardly / barely
propiedad property
cortar cut
corresponder correspond with
vuelta return
siquiera even (adv)
adquirir acquire / get
lanzar throw / launch
apoyar support / lean on
negar deny / refuse
avanzar advance / progress
resolver resolve / settle / work out
recuerdo memory / keepsake
exigir demand
puro pure / clean
pieza piece / part
imponer impose / enforce
obligar obligate / force
actitud (f) attitude
aumentar increase
recoger pick up
aplicar apply
pertenecer belong
golpe hit / strike / punch
disponer have means / dispose
expresar express
provocar cause / provoke
enfermedad illness / sickness
materia matter / subject
quitar remove / take away
naturaleza nature / character
marcar mark / note / dial
pleno complete / full
compartir share
desarrollo development
consistir consist of
consituir constitute / consist of
dispuesto willing / ready
cubrir cover
caber fit (into)
conciencia conscience / consciousness
atender serve / attend to
insistir insist on
costumbre habit / custom / usage
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