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SC Spanish 1

hacia towards
pretender claim
mientras while / whereas / as long as
además also / as well / besides
contra against / opposite
sin embargo nevertheless
modo way / manner
ocurrir happen
en cuanto a in terms of
conseguir get / acquire / obtain
caer fall
crear create
según according to
al frente facing
frente a across from
cuyo whose
convertir convert / change / become
formar form
morir die
realizar fullfill / carry out
orden (m) order / sequence
siguiente following / next
lograr achieve / get / manage
demás the rest / others
de acuerdo in agreement
fondo bottom / end
voz voice
reconocer recognise / admit
alcanzar reach / catch up with
nacer be born
dirigir direct / manage
a medida que to the extent
falta lack / shortage
estado state / condition / status
época time / age / period
cumplir fullfill
a pesar de in spite of
ofrecer offer / present
descubrir discover
anterior previous / preceding
resultado result / outcome
olvidar forget
especie kind / sort / species
mostrar show
ocupar occupy / use
duda doubt
cantidad quantity / amount
suceder happen
fijar set / fix
fijarse notice
sociedad society
referir refer
acercar come near
capaz capable / able
dedicar dedicate / devote
verdadero true / real
muerte death
poder (n) power (n)
suelo ground / floor
con respecto a with regards to
conocimiento knowledge
encima above / on top / in addition
esfuerzo effort / endeavor
resto rest / remainder / leftover
miedo fear
proceso process / procedure
echar throw / cast
sufrir suffer / undergo
contrario contrary / opposite
enorme enormous
respuesta answer / reply
línea line / course
gobierno government
cabo end / bit
llevar a cabo carry out
indicar indicate
atrás back / behind / ago
carrera career / course / race
soler be accustomed to
ambos both
detener stop / detain
desarrollar develop
señalar point / point out / signal
elegir choose / elect
figura figure
proponer propose
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