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ACT Vocabulary2

Common ACT words

Acme the highest point
auspicious favorable, promising success, prosperous
buffoon a person who amuses others with jokes and silly behavior, a foolish person
coherent logically or aesthetically consistent or whole
efficacy the power to produce the desired effect
imbibe to drink, to soak up; to take in
intricate having many interrelated parts or elements; difficult to understand, use, or make
kinetic having to do with movement and the energy associated with movement
misanthrope one who tends to dislike or distrust humanity
ornery having unpleasant disposition, stubborn
pernicious destructive, deadly
pudgy short and plump
rapport relation, especially a sympathetic person
sardonic disdainfully or skeptically humorous or mocking
sullen resentfully or gloomily silent; sluggish
tawdry cheaply gaudy
vapid lacking energy or flavor
culpable deserving blame
discredit to refuse to believe or cause others to disbelieve
ethereal light, airy; delicate or refined
listless without energy or spirit
anomaly something different, not regular
depravity state of corruption or evil; a corrupt act or practice
labyrinth a complex set of passages or paths in which one is easily lost; a maze
predicament a difficult situation
Created by: JasperACTprep